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Daily News Analysis- July 8(In Kannada)
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Daily News Analysis of july 8 for KPSC EXAMS(In Kannada)

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Unacademy user
can anyone say say for ECONOMICS Which book is good either Pratyogita darphan or Ramesh singh
2 years ago
no read ncert and murnal and news paper plus economic survey
Nazia kosser
2 years ago
after ncert n murnal u can refer shriram ias economics notes...
Geervani P
2 years ago
I don't know about books but Ayussh Sanghi sir's course seemed like a one stop solution to cover all the important topics of Economics w.r.t. UPSC !!
  1. DNA FOR KPSC EXAMS Presented by Shantagouda

  2. About me . Engineering Graduate Cleared KAS 2014 UPSC CSE Mains 2017 Former SAP ABAP Consultant at Wipro Former Excise Sub Inspector(ESI) RATE REVIEW RECOMMEND Follow me on:


  4. 1) National Testing Agency (NTA) To Conduct JEE Main, NEET Exams Twice From Next Year NTA as an autonomous and self-sustained premier testing organization, To conduct entrance examinations for Higher Education Institutions (HEls) in the country. NTA will be chaired by an eminent educationist appointed by the ministry responsibility of conducting these entrance examinations, assessing the aptitude, intelligence and problem solving abilities It will relieve CBSE, AICTE and other agencies from It also bring in high reliability, standardized difficulty level for of the students,

  5. 2)Simultaneous Elections Simultaneous elections is holding the elections of Lok Sabha and the state legislative elections on the same dates

  6. Merits of Simultaneous Elections Reduce Expenditure - It would reduce the massive expenditure that has been pegged at around Rs.4,500 crore. stability in governance. Focus on Development-Elections in states lead to the imposition of Model Code of Conduct (MCC) puts on hold the entire development programme and activities.

  7. Continuous election has an impact on the functioning of essential services, Better utilisation of security forces- Finally simultaneous election they would reduce the type of manpower and resource deployment necessary for the conduct of elections.

  8. Challenges of Simultaneous Elections Constitutional Amendment required- Artcicle 356, Dissolution of houses, loss of majority etc - Against federal principles - Nudging voter towards same party, . Logistical challenges Security challenges

  9. Way ahead - The Law Commission of India in its report of 1999 has dealt with the problem of premature and frequent elections. It had recommended an amendment of no confidence motion rule on the lines of the German Constitution, which provides that the leader of the party who wants to replace the chancellor has to move the no-confidence motion along with the confidence motion If the motions succeed, the president appoints him as the chancellor. This provides stability to governments.

  10. "Teesta Water no longer a hurdle in ties" The dispute is between India and Bangladesh regarding water sharing of River Teesta. Bangladesh wants a higher share than it gets now Currently, its share is lower than that of India's. Teesta is a 414km long river flowing through the Indian states of West Bengal, Sikkim before going to the Bay of Bengal through Bangladesh. This river is lifeline of sikkim.