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Daily News Analysis- July 9(In Kannada)
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Detailed analysis of news of July 9

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Q-2 Recently newly elected up govt announced 30729 crore Rs to waive crop loan. Farm loan may be refers to a crop loan or a investment loan taken to buy agricultural equipments. Farm loan waiver may be defined as good politics and bad economics. It poses both positive and negative impact which are as follows. Positive - a) it provides temporary relief to already distressd agricultural sector of country. B) it will cut down the raising farmer suicide rate. C) providing opportunities to farmers to make the use of money in modernising and expanding the current agriculture area by paying their debt off. D) it will increase saving leading to capital formation in rural area. Negative : a) similar demand will be triggered in other agrarian states as well as recently protest was staged in tamilnadu. ‌B) most of the time it is done with political intention for short term populist gain to secure a seat in election. ‌c) govt does market borrowing to raise the money for respective purpose resulting in crowding out of private investors which will lead to decrease in investment. ‌d) it will make the loan costly which in turn will increase inflation and fiscal deficit will increase. ‌e) bank's npa problem will further increase. ‌ therfore we must revive Indian agriculture rather providing them temporary monetary relief. Further loan waiver is required only in extreme conditions as mostly it is associated with political interest.
  1. DNA OF JULY 9/2018 FOR KPSC EXAMS Presented by Shantagouda

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  3. Today's Important Issues 1. Yettinahole project, 2. Bagar Hukum land movement, 3. Problems faced by matrupoorna scheme, 4. Mahseer Towards extinction. 5. 9 Political parties oppose simultaneous elections, 6. No one wins : Trade War between USA & China, 7. Bad Bank can improve NPA resolution.

  4. 1.Yettinahole project . Based on G S Paramshivayya Committee Report . Project aims to divert 24.01 tmcft of water from western flowing Yettinahole originating in the upper reaches of Western Ghats near Sakleshpura towards east. The project aims to provide safe drinking water to the drought prone areas of Kolar, Chikkaballapur and other needy areas of Hasan, Ramanagara, Chikmagalur, Bangalore (Rural), Tumkur eto.

  5. Hurdles Ecological imbalance because of felling thousands of trees from dense forests of western Ghats. Alteration of river course results in habitat fragmentation. living in the area. Water logging and increased salinity near the storage area could increase the salinity of the Netravati river which is considered the lifeline n It may dry the upper course of Gundia river and impacts the life of people The diversion will decrease the water flowing into the Arabian sea and this of Dakshina Kannada district - Activists are asking the government for conducting Environmental Impact Assessment Already felling of trees started in the project area but the environmental activists approached National Green TribunalNGT).

  6. 2.Bagair Hukum land movement Bagair Hukum cultivators movement is against Karnataka government's drive to recover government land. Bagair Hukum cultivators, i.e., cultivators with no formal and documented ownership rights to the small plots of government land. Over 300,000 marginal and landless cultivators have been caught in the net of the Karnataka government's drive to recover government land that has been "encroached" upon over the last few decades.

  7. Problems faced by Matrupoorna scheme - Scheme meant to meet the nutritional needs of pregnant and lactating women in rural areas. Pregnant and lactating poor women in rural areas will get one nutritious meal daily for 25 days in a month. This meal will meet 40-45% of the daily calorie, protein and calcium requirement per day of the pregnant and lactating mothers. Along with the meal, Iron Folic Acid (IFA) tablets will be administered and gestational weight monitoring will be ensured for pregnant women. Issue - Women are reluctant to have meals prepared by SC/STs and other lower caste people.

  8. 4. Mahseer :Towards extinction. - Mahseer, a fresh water fish found commonly in the Cauvery basin is feared to be facing extinction. Construction of dams, and increase in pollution levels have mainly led to the depletion of the fish. The introduction of blue finned Mahseer into the waters could be another reason. Blue finned Mahseer are small in size and easily adapt to new environs.

  9. 5. 9 Political parties oppose simultaneous elections Parties DMK, JDS and AAP argued that the move was against "basic tenets of the Constitution." 92 - The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) said while the One Nation-One Poll may be a "good idea"_it was "incompatible with the Constitution and impracticable." 5

  10. 6.No one wins : Trade War between USA & China It has the potential to cause some significant damage to the world In a globalised world, no country can hope to impose tariffs without economy, affecting its own economic interests. It is disadvantaging to its consumers, who will have to pay higher prices for certain goods, Tariffs will also disrupt the supply chain of producers who rely on foreign imports. It also threatens the rules-based global trade order which has managed to amicably handle trade disputes between countri The very existence of WTO is under question. - es for decades.