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Compilation of important topics: May- Dec. 2017
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Biotechnology from Bangalore university, currently preparing for civil services...loves singing, writing poems,thoughts and lyrics.....

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thanku sir ji
Yash Dixit
a year ago
  1. :// 2018

  2. So what's the plan? Try something new... My resolution -not to have any resolution. Live in present learning from past. Don't die everyday, anyways have to die one day in real Never be a prisoner of something. Prisoner of hate, expectation, memories, bla bla bla.. Listen to all but do only what ur heart savs . . Always remember no one can be a better judge for u than yourself... . Just be honest with yourself give your 100% and u done..

  3. Important topics from May 2017- December 2017 Southern Bird wing. Q. Recently, for the first time in our country, which of the following States has declared a particular butterfly as State Butterfly? [UPSC pre- 2016] Arunachal Pradesh Himachal Pradesh Karnataka Maharashtra Species in news and their categories given by IUCN: 1. Sangai deer- CE, [Loktak lake- Manipur] 2. vermins- LC... schedule I of WPA 1972 3. vultures ( Long billed vulture)-CE 1, Northern river terrapin- CE 5. great Indian bustard- CE... State bird of Rajastharn 6, oriental white ibis- NT

  4. 7. Chilika lake-odisha i) olive ridley turtle-Gahirm atha marine sanctuary i) Irrawady Dolphin 8. Snow Leopard - EN 9. Sawfsh-threatenedthan tigers Q. Otherthan poaching, what are the possible reasons for the decline in the population of Ganges River Dolphins? [2014] .Construction of dams and barrages on rivers 2.Increase in the population of crocodiles in rivers 3.Getting trapped in fishing nets accidentally 4.Use of synthetic fertilizers andotheragricultural chemicals in crop-fields in the vicinity of rivers Q. Which one of the following groups of animals belongs to the category of endangered species?(2012) (a) Great Indian Bustard, Musk Deer, Red Panda and Asiatic Wild Ass (b) Kashmir Stag, Cheetal, Blue Bull and Great Indian Bustard (c) Snow Leopard, Swamp Deer, Rhesus Monkey and Saras (Crane) (d) Lion-tailed Macaque, Blue Bull, Hanuman Langur and Cheetal

  5. Important projects Project Elephant-MIKE programme Project tiger Turtle sanctuary at Allahabad Blackbuck conservation reserve- UP, LC, protected under schedule I of . . WPA 1972 Newly discovered: New earthworm species . Tarantula Schaller's wood scorpion .Odorrana arunachalensis. Plantthat can glow in dark

  6. . National board of wildlife e NMSHE . WCCHB Importantorganizations: NGT GEF Global wildlife programme Green climate fund . Important NP and Reserves: . Kaziranga NP Mukandara hills tiger reserve Runthambhor NP Buxa tiger reserve Bhitarkanika NP Tadoba andheri tiger reserve . e

  7. Consider the following areas:(2012) 1. Bandipur 2.Bhitarkanika 3. Manas 4. Sunderbans Which of the above are Tiger Reserves? O. The "Red Data Books" published by the International Union for Conservation of Natureand Natural Resources (IUCN) contain lists of: (2011) 1. Endemic plant and animal species present in the biodiversity hotspots 2. Threatened plant and animal species 2. Protected sites for conservation of nature and natural resources in various countries.

  8. Pollution related . Uninhabited Lakshadweep island-parali I Black carbon First electric bus launched in Himachal Pradesh Ban of dirty pet coke, furance oil in Rajasthan, UP, Haryana

  9. 2018 Have a very happy new year ahead Keep smiling stay blessecd.