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Artificial Intelligence in Simple Words
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Learn what artificial intelligence is in simple words and the wonders that it can do.

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Daily Trivia

Unacademy user
Ma'am please request unacademy team to create separate topology for Himachal Pradesh examination
Kritika Kapoor
5 months ago
I requested them
Kritika Kapoor
5 months ago
so waiting for approval , once done I will make other lectures too
i really don't know where u get your content from. But you are simply awesome with giving such a beautiful information in so less time.
i guss it's also AIdo the talking
"The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race." - Stephen Hawking
wow !! thank you so much !!!
OpenAI by Daddy Elon defeated world champions of gaming world in dungeon and dragons,not sure exactly, in just 2 weeks of practice. I feel for gamers they wasted nothing less than 1000 or even more hours. Skynet for president!!
Awesome... This is really daily trivia... which gives the way to our hindsight. Thanks ma'am
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