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Invention of Toilets Changed The World!
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Learn how the toilets changed history.

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Daily Trivia

Unacademy user
Sir in 2nd problem why 12pi is used inspite of 4pi
Ankush Saxena
9 months ago
see the formula of debye temperature as I given
Ankush Saxena
9 months ago
in this both velocity are equal and u can solve it by using this concept
Mam. Informative lesson
quite interesting story of toilet. thanks
thanks for updating mam
  1. While scientists may regard penicillin or vaccinations as the greatest medical breakthrough

  2. Toilets have done more for our health!

  3. In the west, the toilet brought an end to epidemics

  4. How the toilet changed history!

  5. Lavatory

  6. Dunny

  7. Restroom

  8. Outhouse

  9. House of Honor

  10. 3 years of our lifetime in toilet!