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Does IQ Measure Your Smartness?
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Find out how IQ test originated and whether or not these tests determine your smartness.

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Daily Trivia

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Jatin bhai mt kro wholesome analysis AGR har dusre din 4-5 parts banenge toh...1 hour se uppar ka analysis plus note making..toh fir books kholna toh chor hi de
Hungry Lion
2 years ago
tum mt dekho jitna dekh skte ho dekhlo hum to 10 dekhenge after reading two newspaper byself
Shahil Singh
2 years ago
Time nahi quality important h bhai aor ap jitna sunoge dna.. utna hi apko benefit milega ..
where can i buy ncert books required for cse at low cost?
if ur able to with laptop other systems....just download. e pathashala app from plystore ....if u want xerox d same copy. .....
Rachna Rao
2 years ago
Amazon is best source to buy at same exact rate of book
kindly,enable the captions on your daily trivia videos.. it will be helpful..
Improve your basic mathematics your IQ will increase substantially
Ty mam.... it's really a daily dose... keep teaching
kindly make a video on pollution
  1. 12 Q TEST A measure of intelligence? e 18 20. 21

  2. 2 Q 160

  3. Mensa The High IQ Society 2 IQ 130 Q 160

  4. Does IQ test really measure your smartness? IQ

  5. Sc When people talk about smartness, they talk about IQ'

  6. French psychologist ALFRED BINET 1990s

  7. Reading Writing History Science Arithmetic

  8. Binet Simon scale

  9. Your test score

  10. Your test score Chronological age

  11. Chronolog calaste x 100 Your test score

  12. CHOOSE ANSWER CHOOSE ANSWER CHOOSE ANSWER CHOOSE ANSWER CHOOSE ANSWER IlHO Correct answer: 4 IQ-TEST Correct answer: 2 Correct answer: 3 Correct answer:4 Correct answer: 6 Does IQ test measure your intelligence or smartness?