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9th June 2017Part-2: Daily News Analysis(in Hindi)
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FRBM act

Jatin Verma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Jatin Verma
Have appeared in UPSC CSE thrice. Have been taking Unacademy Plus courses Academics- Polity, Economics & Current Affairs.

Unacademy user
mam pllllzzzzz suggest any book for paper 2 Nd 3..
sir i want to add some feedback that plz do mention basic keywords defination in begining or ending or side or along with news abt defination or background of story as for beginners dont know what is repo rate fiscial deficint so for that purpose we have to stop google terms first so flow breaks hope for ur positive feedback thanks in advance
Jatin Verma
3 years ago
feedback taken. Thanks!
Arjun Tanwar
3 years ago
very very thank you sir
Raghu Pabby
3 years ago
thanku for your reply @jatin verma
Good Morning to all the Viewers:) Have a pleasant day!
Dilshad Anjum
3 years ago
sir kindly upload all editorial and news analysis together because..who day is gone waiting, reading and watching the video. the interval of video have huge differnt and hence it distrb the preparation
awesome course sir....I have a request that please use more hindi words so we can get more benifit ..thanku sir
Jatin Verma
3 years ago
thanks alot sir ....
way of expression is very nice .. also very good analysis that is very helpful....thank you sir!
  1. DAILY THE HINDU NEWS ANALYSIS JUNE 9, 2017 By Jatin Verma, Educator, Unacademy. unacademy

  2. Page II: Are cattle trade rules good in law? Question before Supreme Court is whether they override animal cruelty Act. . Centre is only empowered by the Act to notify rules which are in furtherance of the purposes of the 1960 Act, cardinally that no animalnot just cattle is caused unnecessary pain and suffering The Supreme Court has consistently said that rules that contravene or rewrite the parent law, in this case the 1960 Act, should be rendered invalid for arbitrariness and unreasonableness. Caution required: Where a Rule is directly inconsistent with a mandatory provision of the statute, then of course the task of the court is simple and easy. But where the contention is that the inconsistency or non-conformity of the Rule is not with reference to any specific provision of the enabling Act, but with the object and scheme of the Parent Act, the court should proceed with caution before declaring invalidity

  3. Page 12: Qatar crisis: Efforts intensify to resolve Gulf dispute. I. Trump does a U-Turn again: U.S. President Donald Trump offered to host a White House meeting if necessary, in a change of heart from his initial support for the Saudi- 2. Kuwait-which unlike most of its fellow Gulf Co-operation Council members has 3. French President Emmanuel Macron has also reached out to Qatar, Saudi 4. Turkey approves Tra led boycott not cut off ties with Qatar has been leading efforts to mediate. Arabia and Iran in a bid to kick off negotiations. approved an agreement to expand the number of troops deployed to a Turkish base in Qatar.

  4. $1 mn fund to bolster BRICS media: . The Brazil-Russia-India- China-South Africa (BRICS) grouping has signalled its intent to . During an inaugural session of the BRICS Media Forum, it was announced that the news agency . The plan will promote sixo expand its footprint in the global media space. will invest $1 million for boosting media cooperation in the five-nation grouping speakers at the forum, who called for alternative media narrative, which did not take the cue ' The plan will promote six objectives, including "balanced reporting"-a view shared by several from Washington or London. information services and promoting people-to-people contacts CMA Group, Russia's Sputnik News Agency and Radio, The Hindu group of publications from . The proposal would also focus on joint development of BRICS digital media, financial . The BRICS media forum is the result of a joint initiative by Xinhua News Agency, Brazil's India, and South Africa's Independent Media

  5. Business Page: 2 States breach 3% Fiscal deficit target. While the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) had specifically cautioned seven States not to breach the 3% fiscal deficit target excluding the expenditure for UDAY, two States had already breached that threshold. RBI lacked the constitutional backing to stop States from breaching the 3% fiscal deficit mark. . FRBM Act prescribes a fiscal deficit threshold of 3% of gross state domestic product, States can take permission from the Centre for exceeding the 3% mark. Farm Loan waivers: Farm loan waivers, implemented by some States have compounded the problems. Political Economy- where Politics meets economy]

  6. GST Effect: Products used by common man to cost less: Centre Due to no GST on these items, most of them are ex- pected to become cheaper in the range of approximately 4-5% as compared to their existing prices Except branded foodgrains and flours that will attract a 5%, GST cereals, pulses and atta will be tax-free