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28th June 2017 Part-1: Daily News Analysis(in Hindi)
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Chinese incursions; Modi's U.S. visit

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Nathu La is a mountain pass in the Himalayas. It connects the Indian state of Sikkim with China's Tibet Autonomous Region. The pass, at 4,310 m above mean sea level, forms a part of an offshoot of the ancient Silk Road.
Lipulekh is a disputed Himalayan pass controlled by India but also claimed by Nepal near their tripoint with Chinese trading town of Taklakot (Purang) in Tibet. This is used by Manasarovar pilgrims. Nathula located at the Indo China border at an altitude of 14,100 feet .It is 56 km East of Gangtok and connects the Indian state of Sikkim to Tibet Autonomous Region in China.
sir we are also having trade surplus( export>imports) with U.S ............ you said india having trade deficit with U.S ( imports>export) data point section in newpaper it's written that india export are more than import...address it sir?
good effort but some time u dictate wrong facts todeys example - trade is in indian favour not US means india ie exporting more then import check it again. and data I given in todeys Hindu data section page no 13
  1. Daily The Hindu News Analysis TH By Jatin Verma Educator Unacademy unacadem For Editorial Analysis & English video, Visit my Unacademy Profile-

  2. Page I: China protests against 'incursion' . China confirmed that it had suspended the entry of Indian pilgrims undertaking the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra and lodged a formal protest with New Delhi, following an alleged cross-border incursion by Indian troops. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said:"We have lodged solemn representation in Beijing and New Delhi to elaborate our solemn position." Urgent action sought . He pointed out that China's diplomatic protest was in response to the "trespassing into the Chinese border by Indian border personnel" He demanded"immediate actions" by India to withdraw personnel "who have overstepped and trespassed into the Chinese border." The Chinese protest comes after a warm personal meeting earlier this month between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping in Astana, on the sidelines of the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. The two leaders are also expected to meet in China during the BRICS summit in September

  3. A comparison of the two routes used The road to Mt. Kailash by pilgrims from India OLD ROUTE Takes 19 days. Involves a risky trek of 200 km. Was damaged in the 2013 floods NEW ROUTE: OLD ROUTE Gangtok to - NEW ROUTE Mansarovar (1,550 km) takes just 12 days Jammu & Kashmir It has motorable roads without any risky treks Mt. Kailash Himachal Pradesh L Mansarovar Uttarakhand Lipulekh Gangtok Sikkim Uttar Pradesh Rajasthan Nathu La For Daily News & Editorial Analysis, you can follow me on Unacademy

  4. Latest developments, especially the Chinese move to close the Nathu La Pass route to Kailash Mansarovar, should be treated as a diplomatic message from Beijing. "While the past trends have shown these kinds of incidents are initiated by the Chinese during high-profile bilateral visits." According to military sources, soldiers of both sides are in a stand-off along the Sikkim border for the past few days. Indian sources insist that Chinese soldiers entered Indian territory and destroyed two bunkers in Doka La region, on the trijunction between Sikkim, Bhutan and Tibet. . For India, it is strategically important. It is just 30 km from the Siliguri corridor or the Chicken's Neck. The Sino-Indian border of Sikkim has been delineated by the 1890 Sino-British Treaty on Tibetan Customs. After the independence of India, the Indian government has confirmed this in writing several times, acknowledging that there is no objection to the border between the two sides. Chinese Defence Ministry spokesman stressed that Indian troops recently crossed the border in an attempt to block a road construction in Donglang (Doklam) area by the Chinese.

  5. The recent stand-off of the Indian Army with the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) at Doko La on China-Sikkim-Bhutan tri-junction is being seen as an attempt by China to"assert" itself in areas which were not prone to transgressions or disputes. There has been a spike in Chinese transgressions after the visit of the Dalai Lama to Arunachal Pradesh earlier this year and the numbers are expected to go up. India's cold shoulder to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is also being seen as one of the reasons behind the increased transgressions. In the past 45 days, around 120 Chinese transgressions were reported mainly from Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh. Last year,around 250 such transgressions were reported. . Not surprising . An official said they were not surprised by China's move to foment trouble in settled boundaries like Sikkim and Uttarakhand. How much time does it take for China to change its strategy by shifting focus from Ladakh/Arunachal Pradesh to Sikkim and Uttarakhand.It is being done to stall development work in border areas. For Daily News & Editorial Analysis, you can follow me on Unacademy

  6. . The tri-junction is primarily guarded by the Army and the ITBP forms the second layer of security . "Sikkim and Uttarakhand have remained more or less oblivious to any skirmish as the border which is yet to be demarcated oficall s border, which is yet to be demarcated officially, is considered to be a settled one between the two countries. Recently, we stepped up construction of roads and other infrastructure project, which could have upset them. For Daily News & Editorial Analysis, you can follow me on Unacademy

  7. Page 1: Indo-U.S.statement focusses on fight againstterrorism A ioint statement issued after the deliberations: I. Underscored the fight against terrorism as a cornerstone of mutual cooperation between the countries 2.Went beyond the usual American position on Pakistan that usually pulls it up for harbouring terrorist groups and 3. Echoed Indian concerns regarding the Chinese-led Belt and Road initiative 4. Both sides reiterated their commitment to continuing the course on strategic convergence in Asia Pacific, increasing defence trade partnership and added energy as a new thrust area of cooperation. Defence sale means jobs for Detence sale means jobs for Americans . A fact sheet provided by the White House said, with the sale of Guardian drones,Apache attack helicopters, and C-17 aircraft, defence orders by India for American companies will be nearly $19 billion, supporting thousands of U.S. jobs. Addressing the media after the formal talks but before the reception and dinner, Mr. Trump and Mr. Modi spoke of shared democratic values, and their status of being leaders of two big democracies.

  8. Page Il: Big gains, but joint statement gets a delicate balancing On some aspects of the bilateral relationship, this year's joint statement fell short of last year's, when Mr.Modi met Mr. Obama. Here's a comparison: Focus on trade: The Indo-U.S. Strategic Partnership is on course, but with the emphasis Indo-U.S. Strategic Partnership is on course, but with th shifting to trade and economic ties.This is reflected in the titles of the two statements "Enduring Global Partners in the 21st Century" in 2016, and the more modest Prosperity Through Partnership" this year. g Global Partners in the 2lst Century" in 2016, and the more modest While the 2016 statement focussed on "Bolstering Economic and Trade ties", this year's statement is more direct on how that will be done, with references to "balancing the trade deficit" (which, as it is in India's favour, is a sore point for the Trump administration) The joint statement of 2017 continues previous references to "a growing strategic convergence" bolstered by military, maritime and intelligence cooperation. The language of the joint statement this year is much tougher on terrorism, sp Pakistan-based terror groups.

  9. e A few hours before the Trump-Modi meeting, the U.S. State Department moved to make Hizb-ul-Mujahideen leader Syed Salahuddin a specially designated global terrorist, a move welcomed by India. On Pakistan: The language on Pakistan is clear, and a departure from last year's."The leaders called on Pakistan to ensure that its territory is not used to launch terrorist at- tacks on other countries. They further called on Pakistan to bring to justice the perpetrators of the 26/11 Mumbai, Pathankot, and other cross-border terrorist attacks perpetrated by Pakistan-based groups," the statement said, the most dir- ect message in an India-U.S. joint statement thus far. On China: India indicated it had brought the US. round to its position on the Chinese "Belt and Road initiative" with a reference to "respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity" on regional connectivity projects, which has been India's major concern.

  10. However, the statement appears to have softened some of the language on China's actions in the South China Sea. For example, instead of saying the two countries would "ensure" freedom of navigation, overflight and commerce through the Indo-Pacific region (that refers to the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean), the language in 2017 only"reiterates the importance of respecting freedom of navigation," etc. In place of the 2016 language calling for India and the U.S. to secure the domains" of land, maritime, air, space, and cyber, in 2017, it speaks of being "responsible stewards" and" democratic stalwarts in the Indo-Pacific Region gion eak forerat North Korea new entrant North Korea is a new entrant into the joint statement, in keeping with Mr.Trump's sharp focus on curbing Kim Jong-Un's nuclear and ballistic belligerence, with the leaders calling his "destabilizing pursuit of nuclear and ballistic missile programs, a grave threat to regional security and global peace". Traditionally, India has maintained trade and low- profile relations with North Korea. Mr.Trump welcomed "further Indian contributions to promote Afghanistan's democracy, stability, prosperity, and security.

  11. Page 1+ 12: No interim orders on Aadhaar:SC The Supreme Court refe a rder apint te Centres The Supreme Court refused to pass an interim order against the Centre's notification making Aadhaar mandatory for availing benefits of social welfare schemes, with the government assuring it that no one would be deprived of welfare for want of this identification

  12. . Article l33: Appellate jurisdiction of Supreme Court in appeals from High Courts in regard to civil matters (1) An appeal shall lie to the Supreme Court from any judgment, decree or final order in a civil proceeding of a High Court in the territory of India if the High Court certifies under Article 134A (a) that the case involves a substantial question of law of general importance; and (b) that in the opinion of the High Court the said question needs to be decided by the Supreme Court For Daily News & Editorial Analysis, you can follow me on Unacademy

  13. Page 1 2: International News : Colombia's FARC rebels seal historic disarmament Page Tz.interhational News Colombla's . Colombia's leftist FARC rebel force declared its disarmament complete after half a century of war against the state, bringing Latin America's oldest civil conflict close to an end. The move is a key part of efforts to end the long territorial and ideological conflict under a 2016 peace accord.The accord was, at first, narrowly rejected by Colombians in a referendum last year before it was redrafted and pushed through Congress.

  14. Global wave of cyberattacks afects MNCs. . A global wave of cyberattacks that began in Russia and Ukraine wrought havoc on govt and corporate computer systems as it spread to Western Europe and across the Atlantic. e Several multinational companies said they were targeted, including U.S. pharmaceutical giant Merck, Russian state oil giant Rosneft, British advertising giant WPP and the French industrial group Saint-Gobain. The first reports of trouble came from Ukrainian banks, Kiev's main airport and Rosneft, in a major incident reminiscent of the recentWannaCry virus. Some IT experts identified the virus as "Petrwrap", a modified version of the Petya ransomware which hit last year. But global cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab said that their preliminary findings suggest that it is cti came train banRomet.ina e which hit last year ariant of Petya ransomware as publically m

  15. Page 13 Business: GST may make several household items cheaper. The equivalence principle followed in setting the rates in GST was based on what the rate on a good or service was prior to June 30 combining the centre's excise duty and the states'VAT Household items like soap, which were earlier taxed at 3 1% combining central and state taxes,will now be in the 18% . 'Equivalence principle' vs. Revenue Neutrality Principle The socio-economic the country is changing, and also goods such as these are used by the common man, and so it was decided to tax them at this rate.However, keeping revenue neutrality in mind, the Government cannot lower tax revenue by too much so that it doesn't itself have enough income to meet its needed expenditure . Facts: [l Companies with a turnover of less than earning less than 75 lakh would fall under the composition scheme that allows them to file quarterly returns at lower tax rates as opposed to the monthly filing requirement of GST. 20 lakh need pay no tax under GST, while those

  16. NEWS#2: Centre may tweak airport tariff rules. In a bid to make the upcoming greenfield airport projects attractive for global players, the Civil Aviation Ministry may amend its regulatory law to fix airport charges in advance, ensuring assured returns to investors at time of participating in the bidding process. We are examining how to amend the Airports Economic Regulatory Authority of India (AERA) Act 2008 so that the aeronautical charges are determined upfront or disclosed in the bid document itself for upcoming greenfield airport projects Airport tariff In addition to land, service standards and airport design, the bidding document for greenfield airport projects will specify the airport tariff which will be indexed"appropriately" to factor in inflation, foreign exchange and interest rates. AERA is a statutory body established in 2009 to determine tariff in respect of airport services provided at major airports across the country.The charges allow operators to get adequate rate of return on the investments incurred on developing and providing services at major airports.