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21st June 2017 Part-2: Daily News Analysis
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NGOs banning; NPA problem-Difference between Stressed Assets and Non Performing assets

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Jatin Verma
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mam please continue this ....
The Durand Line is the 2,430-kilometre (1,510 mi) international border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. It was established in 1896 between Sir Mortimer Durand, a British diplomat and civil servant of the British Raj, and Abdur Rahman Khan, the Afghan Amir, to fix the limit of their respective spheres of influence and improve diplomatic relations and trade. The McMahon Line is a border line between Northeast India and Tibet proposed by Henry MacMahon at the 1914 Simla Convention which was considered invalid by both Tibetans and Chinese government. It is the effective boundary between China and India, although its legal status is disputed by the Chinese government. Chinese maps show some 65,000 square kilometres (25,000 sq mi) of the territory south of the line as part of the Tibet Autonomous Region, known as South Tibet in China. Chinese forces briefly occupied this area during the Sino-Indian War of 1962. China does recognise a Line of Actual Control which closely approximates most of the "so called McMahon line" in the eastern part of its border with India, according to a 1959 diplomatic note by Prime Minister Zhou Enlai. The Radcliffe Line was published on 17 August 1947 as a boundary demarcation line between India and Pakistan upon the Partition of India. It was named after its architect, Sir Cyril Radcliffe, who, as chairman of the Border Commissions, was charged with equitably dividing 175,000 square miles (450,000 km2) of territory with 88 million people Today its western side still serves as the Indo-Pakistani border and the eastern side serves as the India-Bangladesh border.
Harshit Goel
3 years ago
thanx Suryanshu...
awesome explanation and I love your way of giving examples. Agar aise current affairs padhenge toh kabhi boring nhi lagega yeh bhi. Thank you!!
India - Pakistan ---- Radcliffe Line India - China ----- MacMohan Line India - Afghanistan ---- Durand line
Radcliff 1947 Macmohan 1914 Durand 1893
Akhil Singh
3 years ago
Harshit Goel
3 years ago
she is your sis bro :p
Akhil Singh
3 years ago
is there any name for international line between india and myanmar?
  1. Daily News Analysis The Hindu June 21, 2017 By Jatin Verma Educator Unacademy unacademy For Editorial Analysis & English video,Visit my Unacademy Profile-

  2. 10,000 moreNGOsmay lose licence The Union Home Ministry is examining if the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) licences of over 10,000 NGOs should be cancelled, as they have not complied with the Centre's order to file annual returns under five categories. While over 8,000 NGOs did file the returns under all the five formats, most did not comply entirely. NGOs that receive foreign grants are required to get a FCRA licence and file five annual return forms.There are over 20,000 NGOs registered under the FCRA. IB Report lune 201 42 Greenpeace, Cordaid,Amnesty and ActionAid of "serving as tools for foreign policy interests of western governments" by sponsoring agitations against nuclear and coal-fired power plants across the country. NITI Aayog is the body to regulate(accreditation) Domestic non- foreign funded NGOs

  3. Pakistan begins fencing Afghan border. Pakistan has begun building a fence along its border with Afghanistan to improve security, a move that has angered authorities in Kabul. The two nations are divided by the 2,400-km Durand Line, drawn by British rulers in 1896. Kabul does not recognise it as an international border,causing friction between the two neighbours,with Pakistan suggesting Afghanistan has designs on part of its territory.The line runs through ethnic Pashtun territory,dividing families and tribes. It said a secure border is in interest of both countries and a well-coordinated security mechanism is essential for peace and stability. Afghanistan and Pakistan have long accused each other of turning a blind eye to militants operating along their porous frontier,but Afghanistan is opposed to the building of the fence. PRELIMS QUESTION: Radcliffe Line, MacMohan Line and Durand Line. . Sequence of years in descending order. Sequence of years in descending order. For Daily News & Editorial Analysis,you can follow me on Unacademy

  4. . Business Page: Resolution process to increase capital requirement for banks As per RBI rules, an account is classified as an NPA when payments are overdue for more than 90 days. Once this is done, banks need to set aside money to cover 25% of the loan amount in the first year. By solving the 500 accounts, a substantial amount of system NPAs-which is about 7 lakh crorewill be resolved. It is clear that once these 500 cases are taken care of, it takes care of a large percentage of stressed assets. Whatever is remaining, it is normal in the system at any given point of time. The ratio of Stressed Advances (including restructured loans and gross bad loans). Stressed assets = NPAs + Restructured loans + written off assets. Takeaway- 'Stressed assets' is a broader term