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27th June 2017 Part-2: Daily News Analysis(in Hindi)
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DNA part -2: District Mineral Fund

Jatin Verma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Jatin Verma
Have appeared in UPSC CSE thrice. Have been taking Unacademy Plus courses Academics- Polity, Economics & Current Affairs.

Unacademy user
sir ground duty wale candidate to other stream se h unse bhi yhi question puche jayenge?
Abhishek Pandey
2 years ago
Hello Jatin... I really like the way you cover the topics in a comprehensive manner...Although the videos get too long but still you cover most of the aspects related to a particular topic....Keep it up..really appreciate ur work..
Thank you so much sir :)
Sir thanx a lot. I know as u r working, so may not be able to spare the time for such social work, but if possible try to make the video on public administration optional.
Seriously i am understanding news which was always boring for me Please keep making these vedios Khulll k detail mein Thank you and roman sir
Can you please mention syllabus part to which some news fall into? For eg the mines & mineral development regulation news. Thanks
Utkarsh Rana
3 years ago
it comes under infrastructure and environment...(Economy)
  1. Daily The Hindu News Analysis 27th June 20 17 By Jatin Verma Educator Unacademy unacadem For Editorial Analysis & English video, Visit my Unacademy Profile-

  2. Page I l: PM Modi's U.S. visit: l. Strategic Issues Prmte pin lser arendra Modi and US President Donald Trump, they only have about Prime Minister Narendra Modi and U.S. President Donald Trump, they only have about 20 minutes in their schedule for one-on-one discussions Officials say a number of issues will come up during the delegation-level talks, which will run for an hour. Chief among them is charting India-US. Strategic Partnership ahead, including talks on the last two of the three"foundational agreements" the U.S. wants India to sign. The two sides are expected to discuss three conflict regions ofAfghanistan, IS-held Syria and Iraq as well as tensions in the South China Sea. The discussion on Afghanistan is significant as it comes a few weeks ahead of Washington's revised Af- Pak" policy India would like the US. to cut military aid to Pakistan, and to increase its resources to bolster the Ghani government against the Taliban. For Daily News & Editorial Analysis, you can follow me on Unacademy

  3. 2 Trade issues . U.S. is mainly concerned about high tariffs and patent protection in India, India is worried about Mr.Trump's America First" policy could be in conflict with Mr. Modi's "Make in India" in terms the possible cuts in visas and jobs for Indians. of where the jobs will be created Several manufacturers such as Lockheed Martin are pitching their plan for F-16 fighter jet assembly lines in India as a possible middle ground. . The most imminent defence deal could be for 22 Predator drones to be bought off the shelf from U.S. company General Atomics for a cost of reportedly $2-3 billion. More meetings ahead . Both leaders will meet at the G-20 in Germany in a fortnight, and Mr. Modi may return to the U.S. for a longer visit in September during the U.N. General Assembly session. For Daily News & Editorial Analysis, you can follow me on Unacademy

  4. Page Il: Scorpenes to gain in en Page : Scorpenes to gain in endurance The Navy is planning to instal Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) modules on all six Scorpene submarines to extend their endurance. This will be done when the submarines go for normal rent which is six years after their induction

  5. Air-independent propulsion (AIP) is any marinepropulsion technology that allows a non-nuclear submarine to operate without access to atmospheric oxygen (by surfacing or using a snorkel). AlP can augment or replace the diesel-electric propulsion system of non-nuclear vessels.

  6. Page 11: India may ask Myanmar to end ceaseire with NSCN(K). [Internal Security] India may ask Myanmar to revoke its ceasefire pact with the National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Khaplang (NSCN-K) when Home Secretary Rajiv Mehrishi visits Naypyidaw next month The NSCN-K was banned by India in 2015 for various attacks against its security forces. During earlier bilateral meetings, India had handed over a list of over 20 insurgent camps operating in Myanmar, a few kilometres from the Indian border.The Myanmar Army has denied the existence of any insurgent camps on its territory. NSCN-K patriarch S.S. Khaplang, who passed away on June 6, had been on India's most-wanted list. After his death, Khango Konyak, who was serving as the vice-chairman of the NSCN-K, was elected the new chief of the banned outfit, which operates from camps in Myanmar. ian border. The Myanmar Army has denied . The insurgent groups have formed a network on both sides of the border, to smuggle arms and form the backbone of anti-India activities. We need an assurance that the Myanmar govern- ment would destroy these camps

  7. Recently, Nagaland Home Minister Yanthungo Patton said that he would request the Centre to sign a ceasefire agreement with the NSCN-K and that they had contacted Mr. Khaplang in the "last part of 2015" to convince him to come for talks. The NSCN-K unilaterally abrogated ceasefire in March 2015, leading to multiple violent incidents, including the attack on an Army convoy on June 4 in Manipur's Chandel district where 18 Army men were killed. In retaliation, the Army conducted an operation along the Myanmar border and destroyed a large number of camps. Rina Mitra Committee has been constituted to examine the present rules and regulations adopted by the border States for implementation of free movement regime India and Myanmar share an unfenced border of 1,643 km adjoining Arunachal Pradesh (520 km), Mizoram (510 km) Manipur (398 km) and Nagaland (215 km). and permit a 'free movement' regime up to 16 km across the border.

  8. Map O State Capital a6o Sikkim -Arunachal Pradesh, gangtok Itanagar CO OGangtok Assam agaland GuwahatiO Shillong O O imphal 2 Manipur Agartala Trip OAiXwal Mizoram

  9. Page II: Mexico,India to hold disarmamensmneent conference on regional and global Page I I: Mexico, India to hold disarmament meet India and Mexico have agreed to hold an important conference on regional and global disarmament. . The meeting would be headed by the Joint Secretary of the disarmament division of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) from the Indian side. Both sides expressed their continued commitment to strengthen global non- proliferation efforts President Neito declared Mexico's support for India's entry to the Group during Prime Min- ister Narendra Modi's June 2016 visit to the country. The special disarmament meeting is likely to build on the time-tested India-Mexico collaboration on disarmament starting from the 1980s when both countries led the Group of Six, an anti-proliferation group of six countries that tried to contain cold war nuclear rivalry between the U.S. and the USSR. ys entry to the Group during Prime Min- The special disarmament meting likely to build on the . The latest consultations are aimed at upgrading the Privileged Partnership formed in 2007 to a strategic level as agreed upon during Modi-Nieto meeting of 2016.

  10. Middle East Page 12: International News Page 12: Intern Bahrain accuses Qatar of 'military escalation': Bahrain's Foreign Minister accused Qatar of a "military Bahrain's Foreign Minister accused Qatar of a military TURKEY 7. escalation" in the Gulf diplomatic crisis, an apparent reference to Doha's allowing Turkish troops on its territory. The disagreement with Qatar is a political and security dispute and has never been military. The countries have presented a 13-point ultimatum to Qatar but Doha has rejected their demands as unrealistic. IRAQ IRAN EGYPT SAUDI ARABIA SUDAN rablan Se SOMALIA ETHOPIA