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64th BPSC Prelims Current Affairs Part-10
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64th Bpsc Prelims Current Affairs Part-10

Dharmendra Kumar
Hello friends! It's Me From Everyday New & I have completed my Post Graduation in Physics.

Unacademy user
First time very much disappointed by the video from unacademy. first 20 mins of video is spend only reading and summarizing notification which would be done by serious aspirants any way and not According to the title of the lesson. but last 15 mins was a bit relaxing as it made the purpose of video. please use slides and make decent preparation before making lessons, so our time is utilized optimally.
  1. How many high-end armed drones will be selling to Pakistan? A. 10 B. 25 . 32 D. 48 Answer: Option D

  2. Rakesh Sharma has taken charge as the MD and CEO of which bank? A. B. C. D. IDBI Bank Yes Bank Bank Of Baroda Andhra Bank Answer: Option A

  3. Which country's passport is most powerful in the world? A. Japan B. Germany C. Singapore D. Italy Answer: Option A

  4. The government has appointed Pravin Srivastava as_ Chief Statistician of India (CSI) A. 6th B. 5th C. 3rd D. 4th Answer: Option C

  5. Who has been chosen as India's first 'Miss Trans Queen'? A. Harshini B. Sania Sood C. Namita Ammu D. Veena Sendre Answer: Option D

  6. Which IIT institute Signs MoU with Tamil Nadu E- Governance Agency? A. IIT-Kharagpur B. IIT-Madras C. IIT Bombay D. IIT- Delhi Answer: Option B

  7. Organics and Millets International Trade Fair 2019 will be held in A. Chennai B. Bengaluru C. Pune D. Surat Answer: Option B

  8. This state launched 2 schemes to double the income of the farmers in the country by 2022. A. Arunachal Pradesh B. Gujarat C. Jharkhand D. Nagaland Answer: Option A

  9. Which company won the Deming Prize for 2018? A. Indus Towers B. Abertis Telecom C. SBA Communications D. IHS Tower Answer: Option A

  10. Who has been appointed as the new Solicitor General of India? A. B. C. D. K. K. Venugopal Harish Salve Ranjit Kumar Tushar Mehta Answer: Option D

  11. Wild Life Week celebrations concludes in which of the following park? A. B. C. D. Jim Corbett National Park Sundarban National Park National Zoological Park Kaziranga National Park Answer: Option C

  12. Who resigned the post of President of International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol), Recently? A. Ling Jihua B. Guo Shengkun C. Mao Zedong D. Meng Hongwei Answer: Option D

  13. As per the report of Oxfam World Inequality Index 2018, what is the position of India? A. 152tlh B. 147th C. 108th D. 92nd Answer: Option B

  14. The large-scale air exercises launched by Ukraine and NATO countries is named as; A. Austra Hind B. IMCOR 2018 C. Konkan D. Clear Sky 2018 Answer: Option D

  15. Deborah Herold won women's 40 km competition at Saksham Peda Delhi. medal in elite A. Gold B. Silver C. Bronze D. None of the Above Answer: Option A

  16. Who is the head of Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority (EPCA) A. Arunabha Ghosh B. Ajay Mathur C. Navroz K. Dubash D. Bhure Lal Answer: Option D

  17. Who laid a foundation stone on Country's first 58- acre biofuel plant to be set up at Bargarh district of Odisha by BPCL? A. Naveen Patnaik B. Ganeshi Lal C. Narendra Modi D. Dharmendra Pradhan Answer: Option B

  18. Which country scientists created a 3D-printed meals? A. British B. Poland C. Netherlands D. Belgium Answer: Option A

  19. This bank increased the Refinance limit from Rs24,000cr to Rs 30,000cr. A. Commonwealth Bank of Australia Housing and Urban Development Corporation B. C. NABARD D. National Housing Bank Answer: Option D

  20. Corporate affairs ministry set up a panel to check on the discounts offered by the online retailers. It consists of how many members? A. 5 B. 8 C. 10 D. 12 Answer: Option C

  21. Who launched 'India for Humanity' initiative in New Delhi? A. B. C. D. Shri Suresh Prabhu Shri Venkat Raj Smt Sushma Swaraj Shri Suresh Rajan Answer: Option C

  22. US-based Hyperloop Transportation Technologies was launched the first full-scale transportation capsule recently. The name of the capsule is; A. Eagle Pneumatic B. Pevco C. Quintero One D. Minnesota Answer: Option C