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64th BPSC Prelims Current Affairs Part-10
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64th Bpsc Prelims Current Affairs Part-10

Dharmendra Kumar
Hello friends! It's Me From Everyday New & I have completed my Post Graduation in Physics.

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  1. How many high-end armed drones will be selling to Pakistan? A. 10 B. 25 . 32 D. 48 Answer: Option D

  2. Rakesh Sharma has taken charge as the MD and CEO of which bank? A. B. C. D. IDBI Bank Yes Bank Bank Of Baroda Andhra Bank Answer: Option A

  3. Which country's passport is most powerful in the world? A. Japan B. Germany C. Singapore D. Italy Answer: Option A

  4. The government has appointed Pravin Srivastava as_ Chief Statistician of India (CSI) A. 6th B. 5th C. 3rd D. 4th Answer: Option C

  5. Who has been chosen as India's first 'Miss Trans Queen'? A. Harshini B. Sania Sood C. Namita Ammu D. Veena Sendre Answer: Option D

  6. Which IIT institute Signs MoU with Tamil Nadu E- Governance Agency? A. IIT-Kharagpur B. IIT-Madras C. IIT Bombay D. IIT- Delhi Answer: Option B

  7. Organics and Millets International Trade Fair 2019 will be held in A. Chennai B. Bengaluru C. Pune D. Surat Answer: Option B

  8. This state launched 2 schemes to double the income of the farmers in the country by 2022. A. Arunachal Pradesh B. Gujarat C. Jharkhand D. Nagaland Answer: Option A

  9. Which company won the Deming Prize for 2018? A. Indus Towers B. Abertis Telecom C. SBA Communications D. IHS Tower Answer: Option A

  10. Who has been appointed as the new Solicitor General of India? A. B. C. D. K. K. Venugopal Harish Salve Ranjit Kumar Tushar Mehta Answer: Option D

  11. Wild Life Week celebrations concludes in which of the following park? A. B. C. D. Jim Corbett National Park Sundarban National Park National Zoological Park Kaziranga National Park Answer: Option C

  12. Who resigned the post of President of International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol), Recently? A. Ling Jihua B. Guo Shengkun C. Mao Zedong D. Meng Hongwei Answer: Option D

  13. As per the report of Oxfam World Inequality Index 2018, what is the position of India? A. 152tlh B. 147th C. 108th D. 92nd Answer: Option B

  14. The large-scale air exercises launched by Ukraine and NATO countries is named as; A. Austra Hind B. IMCOR 2018 C. Konkan D. Clear Sky 2018 Answer: Option D

  15. Deborah Herold won women's 40 km competition at Saksham Peda Delhi. medal in elite A. Gold B. Silver C. Bronze D. None of the Above Answer: Option A

  16. Who is the head of Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority (EPCA) A. Arunabha Ghosh B. Ajay Mathur C. Navroz K. Dubash D. Bhure Lal Answer: Option D

  17. Who laid a foundation stone on Country's first 58- acre biofuel plant to be set up at Bargarh district of Odisha by BPCL? A. Naveen Patnaik B. Ganeshi Lal C. Narendra Modi D. Dharmendra Pradhan Answer: Option B

  18. Which country scientists created a 3D-printed meals? A. British B. Poland C. Netherlands D. Belgium Answer: Option A

  19. This bank increased the Refinance limit from Rs24,000cr to Rs 30,000cr. A. Commonwealth Bank of Australia Housing and Urban Development Corporation B. C. NABARD D. National Housing Bank Answer: Option D

  20. Corporate affairs ministry set up a panel to check on the discounts offered by the online retailers. It consists of how many members? A. 5 B. 8 C. 10 D. 12 Answer: Option C

  21. Who launched 'India for Humanity' initiative in New Delhi? A. B. C. D. Shri Suresh Prabhu Shri Venkat Raj Smt Sushma Swaraj Shri Suresh Rajan Answer: Option C

  22. US-based Hyperloop Transportation Technologies was launched the first full-scale transportation capsule recently. The name of the capsule is; A. Eagle Pneumatic B. Pevco C. Quintero One D. Minnesota Answer: Option C