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64th BPSC Prelims Current Affairs 2018
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64th Bpsc Prelims Current Affairs 2018

Dharmendra Kumar
Hello friends! It's Me From Everyday New & I have completed my Post Graduation in Physics.

Unacademy user
Sir, દડા ના દાખલાનો વિડીયો મૂકો....અમે આતુરતાથી રાહ જોઇએ છીએ...
Faran Kazi
a year ago
  1. The theme of 2018 World Habitat Day is; A. B. C. D. Changing Cities, Building Opportunities Municipal Solid Waste Management Cities and Climate Change A safe city is a just city Answer: Option B

  2. Name the retailer company that plans to invest Rs.180 crore in India to improve farmers livelihood. A. Costco B. Kmart C. Ebay D. Walmart Answer: Option D

  3. Who launched SATAT Initiative? A. B. C. D. Petroleum Minister Finance Minister Minister of Home Affairs Minister of Finance Answer: Option A

  4. Who plans to participate in the Mahatma Gandhi International Sanitation Convention at the Rashtrapati Bhawan Cultural Centre, in New Delhi? A. Amina J. Mohammed B. Ban Ki-moon C. Antonio Guterres D. Filippo Grandi Answer: Option C

  5. Which social media reports major security breach, 50 million users exposed by unknown attackers? A. Facebook B. Twitter C. Snapchat D. Whatsapp Messenger Answer: Option A

  6. Who inagurated Odisha Bhawan in Chennai recently? A. Narendra Modi B. Naveen Patnaik C. Ram Nath Kovind D. Ganeshi Lal Answer: Option B

  7. Who has been appointed as the Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) by IMFs Managing Director Christine Lagarde? A. Rohini Pande B. Gita Gopinath C. Bimal Jalan D. Abhijit Banerjee Answer: Option B

  8. Which of the following has been stopped by the Supreme Court? A. B. C. D. linking mobile phone linking bank account e-KYC None of the above Answer: Option C

  9. Ministry of AYUSH has set up an AYUSH Information Cell in which of the following country? A. Bulgaria B. Serbia C. Romania D. Ukraine Answer: Option C

  10. Which state signed a MoU with Portugal for Water And Sewage Management? A. Goa B. Telanagana C. Haryana D. Kerala Answer: Option A

  11. Which city gets India's 1st Comprehensive City- Level Flood Forecasting And Warning System? A. Mumbai B. Kolkata C. Pune D. Hyderabad Answer: Option B

  12. This country has received $57.1 billion from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) A. Argentina B. Brazil C. Peru D. Colombia Answer: Option A

  13. The first Indian state to offer a Wage Compensation Scheme for pregnant women working in the tea gardens of the state is: A. Arunachal Pradesh B. Kerala C. Karnataka D. Assam Answer: Option D

  14. The International Translation Day was observed on which date? A. September 27th B. September 28th C. September 29th D. September 30th Answer: Option D

  15. Who of the following has been appointed as the Chairperson of NFRA? A. B. C. D. Rangachari Sridharan Poma Tudu Mir Mohamed Ali Parikipandla Narahari Answer: Option A

  16. How many agreements have been signed between India & Uzbekistan recently? A. 25 B. C. 12 D. 8 Answer: Option B

  17. Which state tops in the list with the maximum penetration and Assets Under Management (AUM)? A. Gujarat B. Karnataka C. Maharashtra D. Tamil Nadu Answer: Option C

  18. Who among the following has developed FTC- 2000G, China's indigenously built new multi-role combat aircraft? A. B. C. D. China Aviation Industry Aviation Industry Corp of China Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China China's Civil Aviation Authorities Answer: Option B

  19. IBSAMAR, is a joint Multi-National Maritime Exercise between the Indian, Brazilian and A. Italy B. France C. Russia D. South Africa Answer: Option D