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Word list starting with H : Part-1 (in Hindi)
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very helpful... plz continue the series..
  1. 1. Hale and hearty Meaning: very healthy and strong Example: All the people we saw were hale and hearty

  2. 2. Hit the nail on the head Meaning: To be correct or accurate Example: He hit the nail on the head when he said that most people won't change their ways.

  3. 3. High on the Hog Meaning: Living in luxury Example: He will not be able to live in these conditions because he has always had it from high on the hog. ci

  4. 4. Hang Together Meaning: Support one another Example: He urged his | supporters to hang together. S, IP, . R. T-I

  5. 5. Haul over the Coals Meaning: To scold someone severely for an error or mistake. ) Example: He was hauled over the coals by her parents for his misconduct.

  6. 6. Heart and Soul Meaning: with all the effort you can put into it Example: He put his heart and soul into everything he did.

  7. 7. Hit below the belt Meaning: to be mean and unfair (in a fight) Example: We should always face the enemy boldly and never hit him below the belt.

  8. 8. High & Dry Meaning: a difficult situation Example: He was left high & dry by his business partners. OBSTACLE

  9. 9. Have an iron will Meaning: strong will Example: If we have to live among mean and selfish people, we must have an iron will

  10. 10. Hope against Hope Meaning: Hope inspite of disappointment Example: It has been raining for days, I hope against hope that the rain would be stop after a few days.