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Word list starting with F : Part-1 (in Hindi)
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  1. Word List Starting with F

  2. 1. Flesh and Blood Meaning: Human Nature Example: People in some villages are so poor that their sufferings are more than a flesh and blood can endure II

  3. 2. Fish in troubled waters Meaning: try to win an advantage from a difficult situation or from someone else's problems Example: The extremists were fishingLL in troubled waters during the political II uncertainty in the country

  4. 3. Few and far between Meaning: very rare or do not happen very oftern Example: In this economic climate new ideas were few and far between. H

  5. 4. Fight Shy of Meaning: to attempt to avoid a thingE or a person Example: Before this course I always fought shy of technology AVOID

  6. 5. Flog a Dead Horse Meaning: to revive interest in old matters Example: The rivals always flog a dead horse to insult their enemies

  7. 6. Feather in one's cap Meaning: Additional success Example: Getting promoted to management after spending only a month at the new job was a feather in her cap

  8. 7. Feel under the Weather Meaning: to be ill or feel ill Example: I was under the weather last week, but I'm feeling much better now

  9. 8. From Pillar to Post Meaning: moving around aimlessly often due to disappointments, rejections or failure FAILURE Example: People who run from pllarI to post are the most impatient people

  10. 9. Fair and Square Meaning: upright Example: My father advised me to be-111 fair and square in business dealings. IE alh i ,

  11. Quotations are commonly printed as a means of inspiration and to invoke philosophical thoughts from the reader. 12