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Word list starting with B : Part-1 (in Hindi)
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thank you so much mam... please is course ko possible ho utana jaldi complete kijia please so hume exam me kam aa jaye 2019 june me
mam that should be 'beat around the bush ' not beat about the bush
what is meaning of beat around the bush
A worm's eye view - very little knowledge
Saumya Mehra
a year ago
Very Good Vaishali :)
Vaishali Kalyan
a year ago
Thankyou mam
  1. Word list starting with

  2. Bad Blood Meaning: Bitter relations Example: The riots have created bad blood between the two communities in India.

  3. Bear the brunt of Meaning: to bear the main shock of Example: Schools will bear the brunt of cuts in government spending

  4. Bell the cat Meaning: to take first step at 'personal risk S, Tkcat and tell the officer that his own Example: Someone has to bell the family has started the violence

  5. Beat the air NIMPORTANT OULRETARDEDUNWANTE SHAMEEU Meaning: to make useless efforts DISAPPOIN TING DESPICABLE Example: Some speakers merely beat the air in speech while preaching NADEQUATE HELPLESS ALONE

  6. Bird's eye View Meaning: concise view Example: From the plane we had a bird's eve view of London

  7. Beat about the bush Meaning: to talk in a round about manner Example: He beat about the bush without coming to the point.

  8. Beat black and Blue Meaning: beating mercilessly Example: I have been beaten black and blue by the Boxing team players and still love the game.

  9. Back to square one Meaning: return to where one started from Example: If this plan doesn't work we're back to square one.