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Word list starting with G : Part-1 (in Hindi)
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Saumya Mehra
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sir aapke notes il skte h kya
Kartik Bhardwaj
2 years ago
sure note down them or download it :)
  1. Word List Starting with G

  2. 1. Get oneself into a mess Meaning: to drift into trouble Example: I got into a real mess at work PROBLeM

  3. 2. Go out on a limb Meaning: get into a risky situation in order to help someone else Example: He went out on a limb andL expressed an opinion that was opposite to that held by the general public.

  4. 3. Get off scot free Meaning: to escape without punishment Example: A murderer can easily gE off scot free for lack of evidence.

  5. 4. Give him a piece of mind Meaning: To tell someone how one feels, often while expressing anger or frustration Example: I'm going to give that girl a piece of my mind when I see her.

  6. 5. Give a good account of oneself Meaning: to act creditably Example: The team fought hard and gave a good account of themselves. RESPECT

  7. 6. Get into the scrape Meaning: awkward situation L Example: He got into a scrape when his wife refused to let him help his brother

  8. 7. Give currency Meaning: to make publicly known Example: We should avoid giving currency to rumors.

  9. 8. Give one a long rope Meaning: to let someone commit mistakes Example: He never gives his employees a long rope

  10. 9. Great hand Meaning: expert Example: He is a great hand at organizing social II parties.

  11. Quotations are commonly printed as a means of inspiration and to invoke philosophical thoughts from the reader. 13