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Word list starting with F : Part-2 (in Hindi)
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Unacademy user
please tell us the topics that may come in exam
Monu Prasad
2 years ago
Keeping in mind the tier 3 exam of 2016, read as much general topics as you can. Besides this How a overview of some current topics. Go through editorial page of TOI for current topics.
2 years ago
thank you so much bhaiya.
  1. Word List Starting with F

  2. Match the following: FAILURE 1. Fly off the handle 2. Feel under the weatherL SUCCESS 3. Fight shy of 4. From pillar to past AVOID Iol5. Feather in one's cap

  3. 1. Fool's errand Meaning: A task that has little to no chance of being successful or beneficial Example: It's a fool's errand trying to get Sakshi to join the plarn

  4. 2. Friend at court Meaning: help on time Example: At the time of my brother's appointment, I found in Ram a friend at court.

  5. 3. Forty Winks Meaning: sleep for a while, mostly during the day Example: The bank manager caught IHE the security guard while taking forty winks on duty

  6. 4.Fish out of water ustrated Meaning: in bad condition numbconfuse elpless ease Smai calm tic Example: I felt like a fish out of water at my new school 8hopetul anxouseestless ashamedJonel xiOUS amused opefl energetie StuckaFraidthankful rou content lad angry relaxe ne xcite

  7. 5. Fight tooth and nail Meaning: to try very hard to get something you want passible Example: He fought tooh and nali to keep his job

  8. 6. Face the music Meaning: go through an unpleasant experience Example: If you have done something wrong, you have to face the music. There's no escaping out of it.

  9. 7. Fight to the finish Meaning: fight to the end Example: Indian army has vowed to fight to the finish and turn every intruder out of Indian territory

  10. 8. Foot the bill Meaning: bear expenses Example: I hope the production company is footing the bill for all of this air travel 022

  11. 10. Feather one's own nest Meaning: to provide first for oneself Example: You always try to feather your own nest first. You