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Word list starting with E (in Hindi)
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Saumya Mehra
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thank you so much.. this is a great course
  1. Word List Starting with E

  2. 1. Early Bird Meaning: A person who gets up early or arrives early for something. Example: My brother is an early bird and gets up early every morning

  3. 2. Egg orn Meaning: to urge or push someone to do something Example: The boy is always egging his friend on to do stupid things.

  4. 3. End in smoke Meaning: Come to nothing Example: Even after best players they ended in smoke as they were notL ung able to win

  5. 4. Eat Humble Pie SORRY Meaning: to apologize Example: The lawyer had to eat humble pie in the court because the facts he presented were wrong.

  6. 5. Empty vessels make the most noise Meaning: those who have little knowledge often shout the loudest Example: Raju tells as if he's an expert on everything, but empty vessels make the most noise

  7. 6. Eat one's words Meaning: take a statement back Example: I warned my friend to be very careful in her speech otherwise she would have to eat her own words.I

  8. 7. Earn One's Keep Meaning: To perform satisfactory physical labor or to support oneself financially 1121 Example: He will do anything to earn I his keep. 265

  9. 8. Ever and Anon Meaning: now and then, sometimes Example: He visits his parents ever and anon

  10. 9. Eagle Eye Meaning: the ability to see or observe keenly Example: A good student has an eagle eye for his errors.

  11. Quotations are commonly printed as a means of inspiration and to invoke philosophical thoughts from the reader. 12