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Word list starting with B: Part-2 (in Hindi)
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GOOD MORNING sir aapka code nhi lg pa rha sir ... plz help
aristocratic blood means mam
Himani Tewari
a year ago
Matlab jo rich class ke log hote hain
aristocrat blood means mam
1. b 2. d 3. a 4.e 5.c
Saumya Mehra
a year ago
Absolutely Right :) Keep it up :)
Saumya Mehra
a year ago
Absolutely Right :) Keep it up :)
  1. Word list starting with (Part-2)

  2. MATCH THE FOLLOWING BF 1. Beat about the Bush 2. Back to square one c 3. Bell the Cat 4. Bear the burnt of 5. Beat Black and Blue

  3. By fits and Starts Meaning: irregularly Example: If we study by fits and starts we can never be successful. 13

  4. Born with silver spoon Meaning: to born in a rich family Example: He has never worked hard for anything because he was born with a silver spoon

  5. By the rule of thumb Meaning: according to practical experience Example: In older times business was run by the rule of thumb

  6. Bed of thorns Meaning: Full of difficulties Example: Life of a poor person always remains a bed of thorns.

  7. Bread and Butter Meaning: someone's livelihood Example: Acting is his bread and butter.

  8. Blue Blood Meaning: aristocratic blood Example: Many blue blood children attend this private school

  9. By dint of Meaning: by force of Example: He achieved his success in life by dint of hard work

  10. Bandy words Meaning: to wrangle, argue Example: I haven't come here to bandy words with you

  11. By hook or by crook Meaning: by one means or other Example: He is determined to become a doctor by hook or by crook.