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Word list starting with A : Part-3 (in Hindi)
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sir why we cannot measure the quality factor of inductor by this bridge.
Pawan Chandani
2 years ago
no it's like that we can also measure quality factor from this bridge...but it's not important generally quality factor is asked from Maxwell's LC , Hay's and Anderson's bridge...I'll only teach you the content that is important for your exam.
Suman kashyap
2 years ago
thanku sir
complete knowledge. at one's fingertip
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  1. diom and phrases starting with words "A" (Part-3)

  2. MATCH THE FOLLOWING 1. A House of cards 2. At arm's length 3. A Red-letter day 4. Afraid of one's El shadow 5. At the Eleventh Hour

  3. 1. A Queer Fish Meaning: A strange person Example: I can not talk to him, he is such a queer fish eAstro contest dominxatewrong attacR osea

  4. 2. A worm's eye view Meaning: having very little knowledge about something Example: He has worm's-eye view of the corporate structure

  5. 3. Ask for the moon Meaning: to ask for too much Example: We have to be realistic and not ask for the moon

  6. 4. Asleep at the Switch Meaning: not to be alert on the opportunity Example: The guard was asleep at the switch when robber broke in

  7. 5. At someone's Beck and cal Meaning: available to do things for another person whenever they want Example: Your mother can't be at your beck and call all the time.

  8. 6. Alma Mater Meaning: the college or school that one attended .Example: For many of us, working at our alma mater is a professional dream come true

  9. 7. A Cold Fish Meaning: a person devoid of emotions. Example: He rarely talks to his colleagues. He's a cold fish

  10. 8. Above Board Meaning: straight, without concealment Example: Everything was perfectly legal and aboveboard

  11. 9 10. A nine days wonder Meaning: something that attracts great interest for a short while but is then forgotten. Example: Actors feared becoming a nine days' wonder