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Word list starting with A : Part-2 (in Hindi)
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  1. diom and phrases starting with words "A" (Part-2)

  2. MATCH THE FOLLOWING 7 7 1. Achilles heel 2. At one's wit's end 3. An arm chair job 4. An axe to grind 5. An apple of Discord You E. Weakness or Vulnerable Point IA

  3. At logger heads Meaning : Disagreement or in violent dispute Example: The partners of our firm are at logger heads these days.

  4. 2. An old head on your shoulder Meaning: A young person who acts or speaks like an older person. Example: He's only fifteen , but he has an old head on young shoulders and remains calm under pressure.

  5. 3. At arm's Length Meaning: Not allow someone to become too friendly Example: He keeps all his clients at arm's length.

  6. 4. At a loss Meaning: puzzled, to be unsure of how to act or what to do Example: I'm at a loss to explain what happened

  7. 5. A house of Cards Meaning: something that can easily be broken Example: This business is like a house of cards in the current economic and political situation.

  8. 6. Afraid of one's shadow Meaning: to get frightened very easily Example: She does not remain alone as she is afraid of her own shadow.

  9. 7. An apple of one's eye (ar Meaning: A cherished or favored person, someone or something that is very preciouS Example: His new born baby girl was the apple of his eye.

  10. 8. A bone of contention Meaning: issue that always cause tension and arguments Example: Gambling is a bone of contention between husband and wife. Gi

  11. 10. At the eleventh hour Meaning: At the last possible moment or opportunity Example: He postponed his trip at the eleventh hour