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Word list starting with D: Part-1 (in Hindi)
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  1. Word list starting with word

  2. 1. Dead Ringer Meaning: A duplicate of exact things Example: She is a dead ringer of one of my friends.

  3. 2. Dig the grave BOO Meaning: to tarnish, to destroy Example : By taking the side of the culprit he dug the grave of his reputation.

  4. 3. Down at heel Meaning: out of luck, shabbily dressed Example: Since alex lost his job, he is always down at heel.

  5. 4. Draw the long bow Meaning: exaggerate Example : In calling him the best politician of the world, his followers draw the long bow

  6. 5. Dare devil Meaning: fearless person Example: don't try any of those daredevil stunts

  7. 6. Dead Broke Meaning: penniless Example: On account of reckless spending he is dead broke these days.

  8. 7. Down and out Meaning: poor and ruined Example: He looked unshaven, shabby, and down-and-out.

  9. 8. Days of reckoning Meaning: time to answer for one's action Example: You may commit crime after crime but days of reckoning are never far off.

  10. 9. Donkey's year Meaning: a very long time Example: Nowadays one has to wait donkey's year to get justice.