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Word list starting with G : Part-2 (in Hindi)
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  1. Word List Starting with G

  2. Match the following: 1. Go out on a limb 2. Give currency 3.Go the whole hog 4. Give him a piece of mind Ch ec 5. Get off scot freeII

  3. 1. Give a wide berth Meaning: to avoid AVOID Example: we should always H give a wide berth to all selfishI people

  4. 2. Good Samaritan Meaning: one who helps strangers Example: He is a good Samaritan because he always comes to the help of old and the children in difficulties.

  5. 3. Gain around Meaning: to succeed slowly & steadily Success Ahead Example: Our new product is gaining ground against that of our competitor.

  6. 4. Gall and wormwood Meaning: Hateful, Strong feelings RA ER er. | of bitterness and resentment. Example: Ever since I lost the wormwood

  7. 5. Get a word in edgeways Meaning: contribute to a conversation with difficulty because the other speaker talks incessantly. Example: I tried to tell him what thought, but I couldn't get a word in edgeways

  8. 6. Get back at Someone Meaning: Get revenge on ENEMY Example: I think he's trying to get back at her for what she said in theE meetina. HATRED REVENGE ANGER PAIN REGRETS BITTERNESS CONFLICT

  9. 7. Get down to Brass Tacks Meaning: get serious about something, talk aboutE the important things mportant Example: They finally got down to brass tacks and discussed the issue that was really bothering them I

  10. 8. Go through fire and water Meaning: to sacrifice each and everything Example: Our ancestors went through fire and water to give us this freedom

  11. 10. Good Turn Meaning: an act of kindnes:s Example: If you do someonea good turn, they are much more likely to help you out in the future.