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Word list starting with B : Part-3 (in hindi)
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Saumya Mehra
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  1. Word list starting with (Part-3)

  2. MATCH THE FOLLOWING 1.By the rule of thumb 2. Bury the hatchet 3. Bandy words 4. By dint of 5. Blue blood

  3. Bury head in sand Meaning: To avoid, or try to avoid a particular situation by pretending AVOID Example: Her parents had been burying their heads in the sand about the problem.

  4. Bag and Baggage Meaning: completely, leaving behind nothing Example: The house was vacated bag and baggage in a matter of hours.

  5. Barking up at the wrong tree WRONG! | Meaning: choose the wrong course of action Example: If you think that, you're barking up the wrong tree altogether.

  6. Bull in a china shop Meaning: one who causes damage, clumsy person, aggresive Example: Our economic teacher said she was like a bull in a china shop

  7. Bad egg UNIMPORTANT KETAROEUNWAND Meaning: worthless DULL SHAMEEU Example: EVIL 2 STUPID DESPICABLE He comes from a noble family but he himself is a bad egg INADEQUATE HELPLESS ALONE

  8. Burn one's finger Meaning: to get into trouble Example: Those who interfere in the affairs of others, often burn their fingers.

  9. Bank orn Meaning: depend on, count on Example: Don't bank on anyone to help you out of trouble.

  10. Burn one's boat Meaning: point of no return Example: He has already burnt his boat, I cannot help him.

  11. Burn a hole in one's pocket Meaning: money spent quickly Example: Money given to spendthrift only burns a hole in his pocket.