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Word list starting with B : Part-1 (in Hindi)
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Saumya Mehra
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Unacademy user
good morning sir bahut achhchhe sajaye Gaye video hi bata raha h ke kitne dil se banaya gaya h.... shukriya sir
mam that should be 'beat around the bush ' not beat about the bush
what is meaning of beat around the bush
A worm's eye view - very little knowledge
Saumya Mehra
a year ago
Very Good Vaishali :)
Vaishali Kalyan
a year ago
Thankyou mam
  1. Word list starting with

  2. Bad Blood Meaning: Bitter relations Example: The riots have created bad blood between the two communities in India.

  3. Bear the brunt of Meaning: to bear the main shock of Example: Schools will bear the brunt of cuts in government spending

  4. Bell the cat Meaning: to take first step at 'personal risk S, Tkcat and tell the officer that his own Example: Someone has to bell the family has started the violence

  5. Beat the air NIMPORTANT OULRETARDEDUNWANTE SHAMEEU Meaning: to make useless efforts DISAPPOIN TING DESPICABLE Example: Some speakers merely beat the air in speech while preaching NADEQUATE HELPLESS ALONE

  6. Bird's eye View Meaning: concise view Example: From the plane we had a bird's eve view of London

  7. Beat about the bush Meaning: to talk in a round about manner Example: He beat about the bush without coming to the point.

  8. Beat black and Blue Meaning: beating mercilessly Example: I have been beaten black and blue by the Boxing team players and still love the game.

  9. Back to square one Meaning: return to where one started from Example: If this plan doesn't work we're back to square one.