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Sugar: As Bad As Alcohol
Sugar isn't that bad as it seems infact our brain and body run on sugar. The main problem lies in our lifestyle if eat sugar and don't do physical work then it's a big problem it same as consuming huge protein content but not hitting the gym. if you aren't actively involve in physical work then avoid taking fat and sugar rich diets. The more refined food we eat the more dangerous it gets as refining process adds more energy to it. that's why raw sugar is better like jiggery, sugarcane etc
Suraj Kaushik
2 years ago
You r right but it is also true, that dedication for physical activities are must...As the increasing sugar level may also cause laziness...Same as the things happens after consuming alcohol...The active part of brain goes to sleeping condition which results increased laziness in one's mind... overall conclusion: बुद्धि भ्रष्ट होकर इंसान Senseless (विवेक-शून्य) हो जाता है। ????