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Session 54 : July 2018 Mock Test
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Sumant Kumar
B.Tech NIT Allahabad. Have written UPSC Mains Exam 3 times with Physics. Channel "Sumant Kumar" on Youtube. Telegram - "AdSumant"

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mame ur teaching style is exel......
  1. hungking Ryukyu 4 Islands Henchow BONIN INDI CHINA ISLANDS ap. iwan Hano URM Br) Hong Kong (Br) FRENCEH unan IN CIINA SOUTH PACIFIC Sharri Thailand CHINA Lu PHILIPPINE OCEAN nruhn SEA Manilli Bangkok ISLANDS , ADAMAN SEA Bay Saigo GUL Palawar SIAM Mindanao o Caroline Palau Islands ota Bharu Jap.) (Br) dakan Mekgn MALAYA Lumpur Farakan (Br) Man Singapore Halmahera Sumatra endari Amb JAVA SEA Maka Oosthaten. Ne INDIAN Vet BANDA SEA va e FLORES SEA OCEAN aba limor ARAFURA SEA Christmas Island OKubang TIMOR SEA

  2. made of Continental volcanic arc Oceanic Crust Basalt. Trench Continental Crust Granite. Oceanic crust O So Oceanic crust is heavier and so it subducts under Continental Crust. And then it melts and then conversion of these Basalt rocks into Andesite and then it comes out via a explosive volcanoes. A volcanic mountain Chain will be formed on the Margin of that continental crust. ducting oceanic lit Continental lithosphere anic lithosphere t Metting Asthenosphere

  3. O F Chait n Peru-Chile Trench and subduction Zone Pampas Andes Mountains (folded up) Aleutian trench Kurile trench e- Japan trench Izu Bonin trench South Atlantic Ocean-B Ryukyy trench Pacific Puerto Rico trench A Pacific Ocean Philippine emch Marianes trench Ocean widk America Nazca PlateBatholiths Batholths South American Plate form in interior Bougainville trench -Equaton trench Java (Sunda trench Peru-Chile trench Tonga trench Calbuco Volcano Convection Currents Drive the plates TOGETHER Mantle Why are the world's fold mountain systems located along the margins of continents? Bring out the association between global distribution of fold -mountains and earthquakes and volcanoes (10) Mains2014

  4. C-C convergence Continental-Continental Boundary Diverging limbs on Convection Cell C-C conversion. Both are Continental plates so no one will subduct. Continental plates ka subduction nahi hota Contnental O If there is intense collision bcz of the 100 ln descending limb of the convection cell then One plate will climb over other plate but the plate jo niche hai wo kabhi subduct nahi hogi. Ab jab subduct nahi hogi toh melt nahi hogi and so NO Volcanism No Volcanic activity when C-C convergence. Oceanio plae 200 Volcanic mountain ranges of Continents On the margin O Sediments, soils, rocks whatever there in Non volcanic ranges like Himalaya on the b/w of Continents. on the convergence boundary, will be crushed and will rise and will form fold mountains. Eg. Himalayan mountains, Alps.

  5. Ocean ndia india


  7. Importance of mountain building process Understanding of the origin and evolution of earth's crust. At the time of the formation of the earth crust, first basaltic crust of ocean - breaking and melting - a lighter continental crust developed Collide with one another a larger land mass. The joints - fold-mountains.

  8. Fault-block mountains Block mountains Due to forces within interior of the earth graben horst.Uplifted part horst .Depressed part- Grabben Horst->block mountains . Grabben > rift valley HORST AND GRABEN

  9. Mediserr ranean Sea Tibesti a Nubiarn Niger Guit of Hi Congo Co n itoriaIndian Ocean of Lake Tanganyik A t la nti Lake Malaw Plateau O c e a n Kalahari

  10. Me ORU MTS ENS Gan 0 Plain ngeS rahmaputr Narmada E Deccan odi Mahanao Arabian Sea Gulfof

  11. ARCTIC OCEAN ATLANTIC OCEANv ASIA A EUROPE Black Sea Caspian Sea Mediterranean Sea

  12. Seattle L S uron %Plateen-1 Black Hills Mi n Detroit Boston Chioago York ral (Lowlands . San Franciscbz Arkansas Washington DC Plateau APP ed River Los C oast a Hou New Orleans ston Guif of Mexic o

  13. Basaltic eruption Andesitic eruption JOccur at mid-oceanic Volcanic arcs, volcanic mountains ridge and hot spot volcanism Basalt highly fluid- mobile JAndesite - less fluid less mobile Solidifies at short distance- intense pressure develop inside explosive Spread across easily Quite eruption

  14. Geysers Geysers - fountains of Hot water . Ground water heated by shallow source of magma . Old faithful geyser, Yellow stone park, USA

  15. Geyser Hot spring Found anywhere u Geysers are rare O Hot water dissolved with They gets different colors silica accumulated on surface - gives different colours from heat-loving bacteria, like cyanobacteria Medicinal values J USA, Yellowstone park Can be helpful in harness geo-thermal energy

  16. Limitations of geo-thermal energy *Difficult to locate a good source of geothermal reservoir with current technology * Difficult to dig a deep well with hard and hot bedrock Harmful gases can escape from the earth interior while exploration - GHG gases and dissolved toxic elements.

  17. How a tsunami occurs An earthquake- rocks the ocean floor 2 Displaces volume of water, pushing it up 3 Sets off an oscillation, which develops underwater at great speed 4Sea water is sucked back from the shore Waves get bigger as water gets shallower