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Rise of Autonomous States- Part 1 (in Hindi)
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Various states like Bengal Oudh Hyderabad Mysore broke away from Mughal empire and behaved as autonomous. This created a perfect scenario for British to play one against another and subjugate whole India

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Abhishek Srivastava
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very nice questions
Mona Choudhary
10 months ago
Thank you!
Mir Zafar was the Mir Bakshi and not Wazir
Hello friends please note the above correction.
Abhishek Ranjan
3 years ago
Am I correct?
Abhishek Singh
a year ago
didn't get that .. please explain
Sir is it enough for upsc preparation
watch pawan choudhary sir video
Do we need to read the NCERTs or we can rely on Abhishek sir's series of Crash Course on Ancient Medieval and Modern? Kindly reply plzzzzz
Rohit Sen
2 years ago
i think spectrum needed for modern.
everything is superb but this is not getting refresh no new videos past 3 days...
Battle of Plassey was in 1756 not in 57....
Sorry , my's 57
Abhishek Yadav
a year ago
Abhishek Yadav
a year ago
  1. Crash Course The Modern Indian History Chapter 3 Rise of Autonomous states

  2. Crash Course: The Modern Indian History By: Abhishek Srivastava Email:

  3. Game of Thrones Visiting Team Home Team Mughals Bengal Awadh Hyderabad Carnatic Mysore . English (EIC) Britain .Punjab AUDIENCE Marathas Rajput..


  5. Bahadur Shah(1707-1712) Jahandar Shah(1712-1713) Farrukhsiyar (1713-1719) Muhammad Shah (1719-1748) Ahmed Shah (1748-1754) Alalmgir (1754-1759) Shah Alam II(1759-1806) Akbar I (1806-1837) Bahadur Shah (1837-1857)

  6. Bengal Awadh Hyderabad Carnatic Mysore Punjab Marathas Rajput

  7. Bengal

  8. BENGAL EXTENT OF AU RANGZEB EMPIRE Murshid Quli Khan 1717-27 Siraj Ud Daula 1756-57 1707

  9. Murshid Quli Khan 1717-27 o Appointed by Farrukhsiyaar as Governor of Bengal o granted Orissa o Monitored foreign trade

  10. Siraj Ud Daula 1756-57 o Direct confict with British o Battle of Plassey o Decieved by Mir Jafar

  11. INDIA is e Rule, and i STATES. T direct contr purposes, B which are s under contr in yellow w territory is British Pro yellow tint. Rech Palk NEPAL Suratga Raj and Awadh Fatebpur Yewalpur Samb Patebpu Ai ime mer Unae 8 laha wab Pachan oHazarit araloghgarba

  12. Saadat Khan Burhan Ul Mulk 1722-39 Shuja Ud Daula 1754-75 Awadh BENGAL BENGAL EXTENT OF AU RANGZEB EMPIRE 1707

  13. Shuja Ud Daula 1754-75 .Fought along with Shah Alam Il and Mir Qasim at Battle of Buxar 1764 against British . Lost Allahabad and Kara Defence treaty with British

  14. Nizam ul Mulk Asaf Jah 1724-48 . Annoyed with Mughals Marched to deccan and found state of Hyderabad Recognised Mughals sovereignity

  15. Awadh BENGAL BENGAL EXTENT OF AU RANGZEB EMPIRE 1707 yderabad Saadatullah Khan 1725 CARNATIC

  16. Mysore

  17. Awadh BENGAL BENGAL EXTENT OF AU RANGZEB EMPIRE 1707 yderabad Mysore Haider Ali 1761-82 Tipu Sultan 82-99 CARNATIC

  18. Haider Ali 1761-82 Soldier under Wodeyar Dynasty in Mysore . Defended Seringapatnam against Marathas Title : Fateh Haider Bahadur . Annexed the throne and lead to rise of Mysore Fought 2 Anglo Mysore wars and died fighting.

  19. Punjab

  20. RANJIT SINGH 1792-1839 . Sukrachakia Misl Captured lahore and Amritsar Gloden dome to golden temple . Captured lahore and Amritsar Treaty of Amritsar-Sutlej as boundary


  22. Shivaji 1627-80 Sambhaj 1680-89 Rajaram 1689-1700 Shivaji lI 1700-1707 Sahuji 1707-1749

  23. PESHWAS Sahuji 1707- 1749 Balaji Vishwanath 1713-20 Bajirao 1720-40 Balaji Bajirao 1740-61

  24. Rajputs