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Italian Unification: 1848 Revolution
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This lesson discusses the first Italian war of Independence

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Nandini Maharaj
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  2. Contents Mazzini's Yound Italy .Giuseppe Garibaldi 1848 revolutions in Italy First Italian Independence War

  3. Mazzini's Young Italy Giuseppe Believed that Italy should be united .Formulated a program for establishing a free, independent, republican nation with Rome as the capital Mazzini became a carbonara in 1827 Arrested, released then he organised Young Italy in 1831 Motto: God and the People Aim: Unification of Italy Methods: education and insurrection .It superseded the Carbonari as the nucleus of the revolution Opposed Marxism and communism Described as the most influential revolutionary in Europe by Metternich .Sarvarkar was influenced by him; he inspired Mussolini

  4. -Giuseppe Garibaldi .Of Nice Disciple of Mazzini Participated in the 1834 Peidmont uprising Sentenced to death, escaped to South America, learnt Guerrilla warfare, returned to ltaly in 1848 Wanted to infuse the national movement with a moral fervour and keep the spirit alive by insurrections Make unification a popular movement

  5. -1848 revolutions in ltaly: Peasantry suffering from hunger and poverty, inflation Industrial workers suffering from lay-offs Pope Pius IX initiated reforms: -pardoned political prisoners, -Created a Council of States to share his power, a municipal council for Rome, -a citizen's guard etc Granted a constitution Project raised hopes for greater popular influence in the papal government and for Italian unification Metternich trend to stop this by occupying Ferrara with Austrian troops Generated anti-austrian feeling in Italy

  6. Revolt in Sicily and Naples provisional government formed for a while until the Bourbon army took back .Lombardy Venetia was unaffected as it was under Austrian control Tuscany got a constitution Sardinia-Piedmont: King Charles Albert granted a liberal Constitution -Cavour (young editor of paper 'Risorgimento') wrote a stirring appeal to Charles Albert of Sardinia- Piedmont for war against Austria.

  7. -First Italian Independence War (1848-49) Led by Charles Albert of Sardinia-Piedmont against Austria Aim: to unify Italy Garnered support of Tuscany, Papal States etc Lost at the Battle of Custoza Supporters withdrew their support

  8. -After defeat: .Rome rebelled against Pius's government Assasinated Rossi, Pius' PM The Pope fled Leopold II, Grand Duke of Tuscany fled because of internal insurrection Piedmont was lost to Austria -Charles Albert abdicated in favour of his son Victor Emmanuel II -Piedmont-Sardinia had to pay an indemnity of 65 million francs to Austria

  9. Carinthia Tyrol Bolzano SWITZERLAND AUSTRIAN EMPIRE . Belluno Bergama REP. OF VENICE Trieste KINDGOM OF erona SARDINIA MLBresca Fiume Padua VENICE istria TURIN Asti Ferrara PARMA" GENOA MODENA OTTOMAN EMPIRE Pontremoli BolognaRavenna e Fort REP. OF LUCCA FLORENCEoSan Marino FRANCE Nce Monaco Ancona Adriatic,jssa Livorno Siena GRAND DUCHYPerugia ignoSea OF TUSCANY o Talamone sa Teni PAPALLAguila Pescara REP. OF RAGUSA STATES Tremiti Corsica France) ROME Foggia NTECORVO Gaeta. Andria Ban Asinera NAPLESBENEVENTO ischia Monopoli Sassari ePotenza Brindisi Salerno Lecce Tyrrhenian Sea KINGDOM OF SICILY Caglian Crotone onian Sea Cosenza Sardinia (Kingdam af Sardinia) L/pari Messina Palermo Mediterranean Sea Marsala Reggio Sicily.Catania Ragusa Siracusa Pantelieriao TUNIS TUNISIA MALTA Lampedusa 0 S0 100 150 kom 0 20 40 60 mi

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