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Final Unification
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This lesson discusses the final step in the unification of Italy

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Nandini Maharaj
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  2. Contents .Rome in unified Italy Austro-Prussian War (1866) Final Unification

  3. -Getting Rome in a unified Italy: A challenge against the Pope's temporal dominion was viewed with great distrust by Catholics around the world, and there were French troops stationed in Rome. Victor Emmanuel was wary of the international repercussions of attacking the Papal States, and discouraged his subjects from participating in revolutionary ventures with such intentions. 1862: Garibaldi gathers volunteers to free Rome under the slogan Roma o Morte (Rome or Death) He marched onto Rome .The pressure forced French and the Sardinians to reach a compromise: The September Convention of 1864 France to withdraw troops from Rome

  4. Victor Emmanuel guaranteed frontiers of Papal States -Shifted capital from Turin to Florence, to indicate that the government would not attempt to take its seat in Rome. This was opposed by the Pope, the French Catholics and the Italian Patriots A huge upheaval followed, and the French garrison continued to keep the rule of the Pope in Rome

  5. Austro-Prussian War of 1866 Peidmonts alliance with Prussia for it Venetia at the end of the was (Unification step #4)

  6. Final Unification: 1870: Franco-Prussian war .Prussian diplomats were actively trying to convince Italy to join the war, so there was real concern that Italy might use the French presence in Rome as a pretext to go to war with France So France removed the garrison from Rome in exchange for ltalian neutrality in the war Italian army then annexed Rome on 20 September 1870 -Italian unification was complete under King Victor Emmanuel Il of the House of Savoy. (Unification step #5)

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