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German Unification: Revolution of 1848
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This lesson discusses the 1848 revolution and the Frankfurt Parliament

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Nandini Maharaj
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it would be good if you are slow with the lectures
Too light, i couldnt get the connecting points and didnt understand. plz be more clear and explain the main points.

  2. -Contents 1848-49 (March Revolution) .Frankfurt Parliament .Spheres of Influence

  3. EUROPE IN 1867 N ORWA S WEDE aga Denmak 1864 ond Autmo 866 Baundory of Noth German Carfadiaration Camon mol sares Courlond DEN NG D O M GRE AT BRVT Piedmont-5ardino resp toly 1859-1856 HORTH SEA ATLANTIC THE O CE AN K. O BE LGIUMCdiogne CracomC Ukrain. K. or AUSTRIA MPRE UNG A,R Y FRANCE 5 WIT Trensytvania Lo C Slaven BLACK SEA Repof Marne K INGDOM IEi o nalermo .kang de VaMala NV ALGERIA

  4. -1848-49: March Revolution Revolutions broke out all over Europe inspired bu Paris .Prelude: a popular assembly organized in Mannheim on February 27, 1848, by Democrats from Baden. .Demands formulated: -freedom of the press, -trial by jury -creation of a German parliament. .These demands were raised everywhere in the March days, usually supplemented by local or regional wishes for reform. Led by the liberal bourgeoisie. Monarchs soon. Declared their willingness to install basic democratic principle -King of Bavaria abdicated

  5. Hungarian parliament was stormed by students - Metternich was forced to flee -The uprising in Berlin (Prussia) on March 18 was pre ceded by powerful oppositional governments in almost all Prussian provinces King Frederick William IV of Prussia was frightened into granting a constitution and his example was followed by Saxony, Hanover and Bavaria

  6. -Frankfurt Parliamant -tried and failed to create a united German state Met in May 18 Moderate liberals in majority but the entire political spectrum was represented .Proposed a constitution which provided for universal suffrage, parliamentary government, and a hereditary emperor. Germany was to have a unified monetary and customs system but would maintain the internal autonomy of the constituent German states. Austria: either the entire Austrian Empire or none of it would enter the new Germany. Blow to those who had hoped to include German speaking parts of Austria

  7. .Now German unification would have to be under the leadership of Prussia Prussia, he refused -He was conservative Afraid of war with Austria Died was dismissed The Prussian king voluntarily gave the people a constitution, though not democratic.

  8. -Spheres of Influence: Erfurt Union: a federation of German states, excluding Austria -Under the leadership of Prussia -Kleindeutschland (Lesser Germany) Punctation of Olmutz: German confederation under Austrian leadership -Grossdeutschland (Greater Germany)

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