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German Unification: Prussia and Bismarck
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This lesson look at the leadership of Prussia and Bismarck, and the Schleswig Holstein question

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  2. CONTENTS Prussia as the leader Bismark's realpolitik Schleswig-Holstein

  3. EUROPE IN 1867 N ORWA S WEDE aga Denmak 1864 ond Autmo 866 Baundory of Noth German Carfadiaration Camon mol sares Courlond DEN NG D O M GRE AT BRVT Piedmont-5ardino resp toly 1859-1856 HORTH SEA ATLANTIC THE O CE AN K. O BE LGIUMCdiogne CracomC Ukrain. K. or AUSTRIA MPRE UNG A,R Y FRANCE 5 WIT Trensytvania Lo C Slaven BLACK SEA Repof Marne K INGDOM IEi o nalermo .kang de VaMala NV ALGERIA

  4. -Prussia was the natural leader .Stimulated national resistance to Napolean Important in his defeat .Leader of the Zollverein Had a constitution and a parliament King Wilhelm I (crowned 1861) gave a new vigour to Prussian policy Appointed Von Moltke as Chief of Prussian General Staff who redesigned Prussian defence Appoint Von Soon as Prussian minister for war who reorganised the Prussian army Both believed in autocracy and militarism Appointed Otto von Bismark as Minister-President of Prussia in 1862

  5. After a constitutional crisis over control of the military budget, the king dissolved the Diet. Bismark, Roon and Moltke took charge

  6. Bismark believed in realpolitik: .politics or diplomacy based primarily on considerations of power and on practical and material factors, rather than explicit ideological notions or moral or ethical premises. -Faith in 'Blood and Iron' as a foreign policy: building up Prussian military and producing iron and other war related materials with the willingness to use those war materials -Bismark wanted to create external enemies to unify Germany by rallying all Germans behind a cause Provoked three wars to achieve this, and subsequently achieved the unification of Germany 1. War with Schelswig in 1864 2. Austro-Prussian was in 1866 3. War with France in 1870

  7. -Schleswig-Holstein Question Population of Schleswig: Danish in north, German in South .Holstein almost entirely Germany Both ruled as separate duchies by kings of Denmark Denmark tried to incorporate them further The duchies vied for independence and a closer association with the German Confederation .Prussia intervened militarily - allied with Austria .German-Danish war: 1864 .Peace of Vienne: Schleswig to Austria and Holstein to Prussia Both duchies were admitted into the Zollverein Bismark then provoked a war with Austria to further German unification

  8. NORTHERN SCHLESWIG SCHLESWIG DENMARK Sult GERMANY Angeln SOUTHERN SCHLESWIG hr Wadden Danevirke Hedeby Sea Kiel German Bight Eider C . HOLSTEIN beck Schaalsee Altona Hamburg Elbe

  9. D NEMARK lensburg Schleswig- Flensburg o Nord- Ostsee friesland Kieler Bucht Nordsee SCHLES Rendsburg- Plon Ost- holsteir Eckernf rde Dithmarschen Pinneberg Neu- m nste Lubecker Bucht Helgol nder Bucht HOLSTEIN Segeberg Steinburg Stor- marn Pinneberg Herzogtum Lauenburg Bremen Hamburg Mecklenburg- Vorpommern Niedersachsen

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