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German Unification: Revolution of 1830
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This lesson discusses the Carlsbad Decrees, the Zollverein, and the revolution of 1830.

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  2. Contents .Carlsbad Decree Zollvereirn Revolution of 1830 Revolution of 1848-49

  3. EUROPE IN 1867 N ORWA S WEDE aga Denmak 1864 ond Autmo 866 Baundory of Noth German Carfadiaration Camon mol sares Courlond DEN NG D O M GRE AT BRVT Piedmont-5ardino resp toly 1859-1856 HORTH SEA ATLANTIC THE O CE AN K. O BE LGIUMCdiogne CracomC Ukrain. K. or AUSTRIA MPRE UNG A,R Y FRANCE 5 WIT Trensytvania Lo C Slaven BLACK SEA Repof Marne K INGDOM IEi o nalermo .kang de VaMala NV ALGERIA

  4. -Carlsbad Decrees (1819): a set of reactionary restrictions introduced in the states of the German Confederation by resolution of the Bundestag Desire of Austrian foreign minister Metternich To persuade governments to combine for the suppression of liberal and nationalistic tendencies -Censorshop was imposed -Burschenschaften (nationalist student clubs) were disbanded -the faculties of schools and universities be placed under supervisory curators;

  5. a central investigating commission, armed with inquisitional powers, was set up to ferret out conspiratorial organisations These efforts failed in the long run to stifle German nationalism

  6. -Zollverein .German customs Union Initially conceived by Prussian Finance Minister Bulow In existence in 1834 .Linked Prussia and other German princely territorie:s Important for emerging industrial centres-Rhineland, Saar, Ruhr valley etc .Austria was excluded The Zollverein set the groundwork for unification of Germany under Prussian guidance instead of Austria

  7. -Revolution of July 1830: Successful revolution in France against autocratic Charles X .Spread to Germany Crushed by Metternich with the help of Carlsbad decrees .But rulers of all states except Austria and Prussia were compelled to introduce liberal constitutions in their respective states. Charles, the King of Brunswick, was divested of his throne -1833: some revolutionaries made an attack upon the Federal Diet. Ruthlessly repulsed with the help of army, clear that the people of Germany had no faith in the functioning of the Federal Diet. -Overall effects of the 1830 revolutions were neutralised

  8. -1848-49: March Revolution Revolutions broke out all over Europe inspired bu Paris .Prelude: a popular assembly organized in Mannheim on February 27, 1848, by Democrats from Baden. .Demands formulated: -freedom of the press, -trial by jury -creation of a German parliament. .These demands were raised everywhere in the March days, usually supplemented by local or regional wishes for reform. Led by the liberal bourgeoisie. Monarchs soon. Declared their willingness to install basic democratic principle -King of Bavaria abdicated

  9. Hungarian parliament was stormed by students - Metternich was forced to flee -The uprising in Berlin (Prussia) on March 18 was pre ceded by powerful oppositional governments in almost all Prussian provinces King Frederick William IV of Prussia was frightened into granting a constitution and his example was followed by Saxony, Hanover and Bavaria

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