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Handicrafts 3
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Vinita Devi is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Vinita Devi
Hindu college Alumni, Teach for India fellowship, teaching UPSC. Environment, art and culture and Answer Writing sections.

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many borrowers are not willful defaulters (as not proved yet) , so publishing their name in public will just only hurt the business or entrepreneurial spirit of those. if borrowing is done by companies , then personal properties of management/board can not be attached. if NPAs are there then businessman's also have incurred losses. since bank give loan (debt finance), so they will have first is the stockholders, who will suffer most. and above all banks do business , so if losses occur to companies due to genuine reasons, then banks also have to share the burden because it is the fault on their part too that they did not understand the situation (either project, business plan or external factors etc). IF proved willful defaulter then name them. personal views based on limited knowledge.
Hadicraft is not compete ma'am