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Overview of the Course
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Course objective and Target Audience

Vinita Devi is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Vinita Devi
Hindu college Alumni, Teach for India fellowship, teaching UPSC. Environment, art and culture and Answer Writing sections.

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Warm Greetings to you sir!!! Beautiful lecture indeed...I am strongly agree with your statement that a rich country can be corrupt but i am not getting the point why a poor country can't be honest. Sir i think that score of 100 can't be achieved but close to this value can be achieved as you mentioned that Indian culture help us to resist the temptation of being corrupt despite being poor.By inculcating ethical values,we can get rid of corruption. The combination of reduced level of poverty and increased level of ethical values will be the best tool for the formation of any corruption free country. Kindly share your precious opinion for the same!!!
pls provide nitin singhania ch-11,12,13,14 it will very helpful because i fully relied on your course.
Thank you so much... much awaited series! May God bless you..
thank you very much mam
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  5. 1. Religion and Philosophy 2. Coins in India 3. Science and Tech Through the Ages 4. Calenders 5. Music In India 6. Some Art forms of India 7. GI Tags of India 8. Awards and Honors 9. Fairs and Festivals 10. Important Handicrafts 11. Literature 12. MCQs