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Remaining Topics of Ultimate Course on Indian Art and Culture: OPSC


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Vinita Devi

In this course, the educator discusses the left out topics from part 1 from Indian Art and Culture section helpful for OPSC Aspirants.


67 lessons • 2 h 30 m
Overview of the Course

7m 02s

Topics and the Plan

6m 47s

Intangible Cultural Heritage List in India - Part 1

8m 25s

Intangible Cultural Heritage List Part 2

10m 17s

Intangible Cultural Heritage List Part 3

9m 57s

Intangible Cultural Heritage List Part 4

9m 32s

Music in India Part 1

9m 18s

Music in India Part 2

8m 11s

Music in India Part 3

8m 23s

Misic in India Part 4

5m 57s

Music in India Part 5

8m 09s

Music in India Part 6

8m 23s

Music in India Part 7

8m 36s

Music in India Part 8

8m 24s

Music in India Part 9

8m 38s

Music in India Part 10

8m 37s

Music in India Part 11

8m 06s

Music in India Part 12 - Completion

7m 11s

Buddhism - Part 1

11m 28s

Buddhism Part 2

11m 15s

Buddhism Part 3

9m 10s

Buddhism Part 4

10m 23s

Jainism Part 1


Jainism Part 2

8m 04s

Jainism Part 3

7m 42s

Jainism Part 4

6m 16s

Jainism Part 5

7m 16s

Languages Part 1

8m 10s

Languages in India Part 2

6m 52s

Languages in India Part 3

6m 36s

Languages in India Part 4

6m 26s

Science and tech through the ages part 1

11m 17s

Science and technology Part 2

10m 37s

Science and technology part 3

6m 58s

Important topics to focus for 2019

4m 31s

Apologize for discontinuing and let me know which topics are not covered well . 😊

2m 19s

Coins in India Part 1

14m 40s

Coins In India part 2

14m 18s

Coins In India Part 3

13m 13s

Philosophy Part 1

9m 07s

Philosophy apart 2

9m 40s

Philosophy Part 3

8m 26s

Philosophy Part 4

10m 51s

Philosophy Part 5

7m 15s

Introduction to culture of India - Mains point of view

8m 01s

Part 2

7m 45s

Part 3

8m 01s

Part 4

9m 04s

Part 5

7m 16s

Part 6

6m 36s


7m 05s

Handicrafts 2

6m 51s

Handicrafts 3

4m 29s

Handicrafts 4


Handicrafts 5

5m 28s

Awards 1

5m 39s

Awards 2

10m 02s

Awards 3

7m 36s

Awards 4

7m 10s

Awards 5

9m 31s

Religion 1

5m 36s

Religion 2

5m 27s

GI Tags Definition

8m 22s

GI Tags in different states

8m 28s


7m 05s

Vikram Era

5m 22s

Saka Era

8m 00s



5 reviews

Mohammad Imteyaz

reviewed on Feb 2, 2019

this course is really useful for us thank u making for this course

Rahul Prajapati

reviewed on Mar 24, 2019

Rich content in slides.. Really one stop solution of Indian art and culture...but, It will be highly beneficial if it will complete before Pre 2019

manikanta Borusu

reviewed on May 18, 2019

Hi mam The remaining course on Art n culture please do complete it.

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