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67 lessons • 2h 30m

Overview of the Course

7m 02s

Topics and the Plan

6m 47s

Intangible Cultural Heritage List in India - Part 1

8m 25s

Intangible Cultural Heritage List Part 2

10m 17s

Intangible Cultural Heritage List Part 3

9m 57s

Intangible Cultural Heritage List Part 4

9m 32s

Music in India Part 1

9m 18s

Music in India Part 2

8m 11s

Music in India Part 3

8m 23s

Misic in India Part 4

5m 57s

Music in India Part 5

8m 09s

Music in India Part 6

8m 23s

Music in India Part 7

8m 36s

Music in India Part 8

8m 24s

Music in India Part 9

8m 38s

Music in India Part 10

8m 37s

Music in India Part 11

8m 06s

Music in India Part 12 - Completion

7m 11s

Buddhism - Part 1

11m 28s

Buddhism Part 2

11m 15s

Buddhism Part 3

9m 10s

Buddhism Part 4

10m 23s

Jainism Part 1


Jainism Part 2

8m 04s

Jainism Part 3

7m 42s

Jainism Part 4

6m 16s

Jainism Part 5

7m 16s

Languages Part 1

8m 10s

Languages in India Part 2

6m 52s

Languages in India Part 3

6m 36s

Languages in India Part 4

6m 26s

Science and tech through the ages part 1

11m 17s

Science and technology Part 2

10m 37s

Science and technology part 3

6m 58s

Important topics to focus for 2019

4m 31s

Apologize for discontinuing and let me know which topics are not covered well . 😊

2m 19s

Coins in India Part 1

14m 40s

Coins In India part 2

14m 18s

Coins In India Part 3

13m 13s

Philosophy Part 1

9m 07s

Philosophy apart 2

9m 40s

Philosophy Part 3

8m 26s

Philosophy Part 4

10m 51s

Philosophy Part 5

7m 15s

Introduction to culture of India - Mains point of view

8m 01s

Part 2

7m 45s

Part 3

8m 01s

Part 4

9m 04s

Part 5

7m 16s

Part 6

6m 36s


7m 05s

Handicrafts 2

6m 51s

Handicrafts 3

4m 29s

Handicrafts 4


Handicrafts 5

5m 28s

Awards 1

5m 39s

Awards 2

10m 02s

Awards 3

7m 36s

Awards 4

7m 10s

Awards 5

9m 31s

Religion 1

5m 36s

Religion 2

5m 27s

GI Tags Definition

8m 22s

GI Tags in different states

8m 28s


7m 05s

Vikram Era

5m 22s

Saka Era

8m 00s

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