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Game of Thrones - Carnatic, Plassey, Buxar, Mysore (in Hindi)
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After eliminating european competetion Britishers started gaining control of Indain states by defeating one at a time or using one ruler against the other. They employed every possible method to conquer the indian states and gradually became the supreme power of the country.

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Abhishek Srivastava
GS faculty and subject matter expert | 4 yrs Teaching Exp.| HiStory, Geog. and Polity courses with interrelation, logic & chronology.

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Aarushi Singh
a year ago
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Please share the timeline with years and events in Excel Sheet as shown in the lesson.....thanks a lot...
hello abhi ur work is fabulous.. I gv 10 out of 10.. my request is plz provide the PDF of this video and excel sheet.. that really helps much more..
dates to thik banao bhai , wahi nahi thik bana pa rahe ho
sir please suddh handi sabdo ka prayog karen ...English k sabdo ka arth samajhne m kathnaayi hoti h to Hindi madhyam k chhatr hain sir
Ankur Ghosh
4 months ago
vaii main Bengali medium se hoon . fir bhi mujhe koi problem nhi ho rha ... aur tu yaahan ro rha hai hindi hindi karke...
overall a very good course for building basics. thanks a lot
  1. Crash Course The Modern Indian History Chapter 5 Game of thrones



  4. Game of Thrones Visiting Team Home Team Mughals Bengal Awadh Dutch . English (EIC) . French . Hyderabad Britain Carnatic Mysore Punjab Marathas Rajput.... AUDIENCE

  5. To illustrate the wars betw. the English and French To illustrate the wars bety theiEngliets and French in the Carnatic 1746-60 British vs French 82 20 1742- Britain and France started fighting in Europe Dupleix became French Governor in India RA adras YSO Or st David Carnatic wars English Miles 42

  6. British vs Frenclh First Carnatic war 1745-48->inconclusive o French captured Madras- english Trading post o English failed to capture Pondicherry o English navy captured french ships o English appealed to Nawab Anwaruddi o French disobeyed Nawab o Nawab defeated at Battle of St. Thome o Later madras was restored.

  7. PUNJAB RAJPUTS Awadh BENGAL BENGAL MARATHASGZEB EMPIRE yderabad AsafJah died MuzzffarJung (grandson) Vs NasirJung (son) Mysore Chandasahib vs Nawab Anwaruddin NATIC

  8. - Second Carnatic war (1749-54 Nawab Anwaruddin was killed - Chandsahib @ Carnatic worn - Similarly Muzaffarjung became Nizam -Granted pondicherry and Masulipatnam to French Dupleix Governor of east coast of Mughal dominion English under Robert clive captured Arcot...defeating French Dupleix was called back - Treaty of Pondicherry

  9. . Third Carnatic war (1758-63 War broke between England and France English gained greater control after Battle of Plassey in 1757 Battle of Wandiwash . French were conclusively defeated Treaty of Paris . French could not keep army nor fortify . Have to trade under protection of English

  10. British vs. Bengal Battle of Plassev 1757


  12. British vs. Bengal . Misuse of dastaks by English . Siraj ud daula forbade fortification of Calcutta(disobeyed) Asked for taxes on trade (disobeyed) Black hole event Nawab seiezed english factory at Kasimbazar Captured Fort William at Calcutta

  13. British gain: - Zamindari of 24 parganas - A strong hold in India -Drain of wealth started Free trade in Bengal bihar and Orissa Compensation from Nawab for losses Became major contender of Indian empire

  14. Mirqasim joined hands with Shuja ud daula(Oudh) and Shah Alam (Mughal) to form aliance. . Britishers defeated them at Batte of Buxar in 1964 Oudh became dependent on company . British- defacto rulers of Benal bihar n Orissa

  15. British vs. Mysore

  16. First Mysore war 1766-69(draw) . English joined Nizam of Hyderabad and marathas .War was concluded as DRAW Haider wanted to drive British away from India against Haider Treaty of Madras

  17. lInd Mysore war 1780-84(draw) British didn't fullfil the terms of the treaty . English clashed with Marathas Haider united with Nizam along with marathas attacked British . American independence But Nizam defected towards British Marathas were also used against Mysore Haider died...Tipu took over command Treaty of MANGLORE -territories restored .

  18. llIrd Mysore war 1790-92 Tipu prepared for war through internal reforms British allied with Nizam and Marathas against Tipu . Siege of Serinagapatnam by Lord Cornwallis . Treaty of Serinagapatnam - Half of the Tipu's empire surrendered f of the Tipu's empire su Huge War indemnity Surrenered 2 of his sons as hostages

  19. 1764 1765 1766 1767 1768 1769 1770 defeat of Mir Qasim,Shujauddaula and Shah Alamill ist mysore war(draw) Haider vs British+nizam+marathas Treaty of Aril 1772 1773 Requlating act 1774 1775 1776 1773 Regulating act Ist Maratha War Sawai madhav rao+nanaphadnis 1778 Warren Hasting(orientalist) 1779 1780 Vs Raghunath rao +british 1781 llnd Mysore war(draw) Haider+nizam+marathas 1782 1783 1784 Pitt's India Act 1785 1786 Cornwallis(anglicist) 1787 (Pss or zamindari and 1788 created Covenanted Civil 1789 Service of India) 1790 1791 1792 1793 Charter Act 1794 John Shore 1795 PSS impimentation 1796 1797 1798 1799 WWellesle s British "Treaty of Salbai" Treaty of MANGLORE tipu and Macarteny Tipu vs British+nizam+marathas Ilird mysore war "Treaty of Serinagapatnam PSS bengal bihar IV th mysore war tipu died