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Decline of Mughals (in Hindi)
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After Aurangzeb none of the Mughal could handle the empire. They were either weak and inefficient or were bound by the circumstances.Therefore the mighty empire started disintegrating.

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Abhishek Srivastava
GS faculty and subject matter expert | 4 yrs Teaching Exp.| HiStory, Geog. and Polity courses with interrelation, logic & chronology.

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thanks bro. plz continue this till next main :)
Mahesh Agarwal
a year ago
would surely try to
sir.....aap ne assam ko bhi include kiya hai mughal empire me....almost 17 times mughals tried to attack assam...but Assamese fighters defeated mughals in every time. This battle is called the battle of saraighat. So assam should not be included. otherwise this course in brilliant. thank u
I agree
Suggest me sir, Is these videos are enough for me to prepare for SSC CGL or otherwise should I study some more from outside of these videos ( like books or etc) ? Please suggest me sir
Vipin Yadav
a year ago
Bhai base bna ne k liye sahi h lekin iske alwa pdhna pdega Iss se kaam nhi chlega Phle ye dekh k fir aur pdh lo lucents etc se
7:45 nadir shah' invasion I think it should be 1738 isn't it.
Akhil Gupta
a year ago
I think, it is an typing error
Pyaar Mohabbat aur Prosperity NAHI THI Aurangzeb k time me Jo ki aap kah rahe hain .. Request you to not to mislead us as we watch all the video lessons of unacademy religiously.
Hello Saurabh...we will discuss this in medieval history crash I just wanted to create a comparison with rule before British. Thanx for bringing up this point but try to understand the motive behind it. I will take up this pnt in Aurangzeb lesson...then u can put forward you point there. C u in medieval :)
sir aap bahut interesting way me padate ho. Thank you so much. I love your videos. Sir but kuch factual errors hai ancient wale course me for ex- digambar aur swetambar jis slide me likha hai aur vardamana mahavira 23rd thirthankara hai. So aap ek baar wo check kar lena. thank you
Hello Dilip...yes I saw that later n now added a correction note in comments.Sorry for the inconvenience.
Akshay Philip
3 years ago
Sir Your way of teaching is awesome. & unique
Vishal Biradar
3 months ago
tujhe nhi dekhna toh mat dekh!!
sir pls can u share a file jisme poorey course k pdfs ho?
  1. Crash Course The Modern Indian History Decline of Mughals

  2. Game of Thrones Visiting Team . Portugese . Dutch . English (EIC) . French Home Team . Mughals Bengal Awadh Britain . Hyderabad Carnatic Mysore . Punjab . Marathas AUDIENCE

  3. MUGHAL EMPIRE Babur to Aurangzeb) 1526-1707

  4. Babur to Aurangzeb 1526-1707 A large consolidated empire...stable Strong defense against the foreign invasions. Marked with harmony, prosperity, uniform administration, military conquests, . Territorial climax


  6. Later Mughals Trail of weak successors " Tussle for power Loss of loyal nobles e Loss End of military conquests Stagnation of boundaries. The rivals-- Marathas, Sikhs... .Diplomacy and foreign policy lacked wisdom .Rise of autonomous states

  7. Bahadur Shah(1707-1712) Jahandar Shah(1712-1713) Farrukhsiyar(1713-1719) Muhammad Shah (1719-1748) Ahmed Shah (1748-1754) Alalmgir (1754-1759) Shah Alam II(1759-1806) Akbar II (1806-1837) Bahadur Shah (1837-1857)

  8. Bahadur Shah(1707-1712 . Reconciliation of Sikhs,Bundelas,Jats Guru Gobind Singh helped Mughal army and guided him Release of Sahuji

  9. Jahandar Shah (1712-1713) Supported by Zulfikar kharn Started ljarah system Revenue farming Farrukhsiyar defeated him