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D22/P3 Third battle of Panipat part 1
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पानीपत की तीसरी लड़ाई

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Pavan Choudhary
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  2. BALAJI BAJI RAO (1740-61) Also known as Nana Sahib/ FT HI o In an Agreement with Mughal Emperor Ahamad Shah, the peshwa was to protect the Mughal Empire from Internal and External Enemies in return for the Chauth (1752) Third Battle of Panipat (1761) o Till 1761 Maratha under Peshwa captured almost whole Central India o In 1757 with help of Sikh captured Peshawar,Atak GRIT

  3. o Boundary of Maratha touches Durrani Empire in West, ruled by Ahmad Shah Abdali, King of Persia Mughals are disintegrated and dependent on Regional Power o Jaipur King Madhav Rao and other opponent of Maratha called Ahmad Shah Abdali to defeated Maratha o When Abdali move towards India, Maratha forces were in South under Sadashiv Rao Bhau Army of Maratha Move towards Dilli o Maratha had 6 lakh rupee only when they moved

  4. o Looted many villages on the way o Army crossed Narmada and moved in area of Surajmal Jat o Maratha Captured Delhi T o Maratha army had no supplies, Soldiers were died due to Starvation o Attacked Kunjpura Fort of Afghan and gain 7 Lakh rupee and 8 lakh Tones Wheat o Abdali crossed flooded Yamuna to 31

  5. o Both armies tried to cut supplies line of Each other o Cholera spread in Army camp of Maratha o War started on 14 January 1761 o Maratha attacked in French Square method o Commander of Maratha Vishwas Rao died due to Bullet attack o More than 1 lakh Maratha soldier killed o In 7 Hours of War 70 years Maratha power almost end o Peshwashahi succeeded till 1818 o Baji Rao Il was last peshwa