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D20/P5 last line of Mughal
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मुगलो के अंतिम पंक्ति के बादशाह

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Pavan Choudhary
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  2. AHMAD SHAH (1748-54) o Ahmad shah Abdali (General of Nadeer Shah) raided the kingdom for the first time during his reign From 1748 to 1761 Ahmad shah Abdali attacked many times and looted Mathura and Delhi o Captured Kabul and Punjab o Ahmad shah Abdali Defeated Marathas in the 3rd Battle of panipat in 1761 and defeated them badly His wazir Imad-ul-Mulk blinded him and placed Alamgir-11 on throne

  3. 3I (1754-1759) Maratha plundered Delhi o Ahmad Shah plundered Delhi

  4. SHAH ALAM II (1759-1806) After Muhammad shah, he was the ruler who got so many years to rule But he himself was so much feared of his own wazir Nazib Khan Rahilla, that he transferred his capital from one place to another o He along with Nawab of Bengal Mir Qasim and Nawab of Awadh Shujauddaula fought the Battle of Buxar in 1764, but they were defeated by the British 34-diAT 1 3M @O T5 ?19EX Taer AST o Signed Treaty of Allahbad with British

  5. According to treaty, Shah Alam II granted the diwani rights of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa to the British after the Battle of Buxar o In return he got Area of Kara (Allahbad)

  6. AKBAR SHAH I During his reign, Lord Hastings ceased to accept the sovereignty of mughals and claimed an equal status o He conferred the title of "Raja" to Ram Mohan Roy

  7. BAHADUR SHAH ZAFAR (1837-1857) o last mughal Emperor He was confined by the British to the red fort During the revolt of 1857, he was proclaimed the emperor by the rebellion o He was deported to Rangoon after 1857 revolt o where he died in 1862