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D22/P2 Holkars and scindhia
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Pavan Choudhary
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Thank u sir ...aj ka intro bahut shandar tha....thank u junior ko
so nice lecture demo t q sir
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  1. Holkars of Indore Malhar rao Holkar (1733-1767) O In 1720 Raonandlal Choudhary shifted capital from small town Kampel to Indore and established City on Bank of River Khan O Named on old Indreshwar temple O In 1733 Maratha Sardar Malhar rao Holkar got Sanad of 5 Mahals including Indore from Peshwa Bajirao

  2. O In 1734 Malhar Rao established camp at Malharganj (Inodre) Completed capture of Whole territory Ahilya Bai Holkar (1767-1795) o Shifted Capital from Indore to Maheshwar o Shiv Devoteel fRid O o Built many Temple- Dwarka in Gj, kashi Vishwanath UP HI ZT Tukoji Rao Holkar (1795-1797) o Commander of Rani Ahilya Bai

  3. Yashwant Rao Holkar (1797-1811) At the time of Senond Anglo Maratha War he Tried to freed delhi from British control during time of Shah Alam II o Shah Alam Il gave him title of Rajrajeshwar Alija Bahadur o Signed "Treaty of Rajghat" with British

  4. Malhar Rao Holkar (1811-33) Battle of Mahidpur (IlI Anglo-Maratha War) o 11 year old Malhar rao and 20 year old Bhima bai led the war o Traitor of Holkar camp Gafur Khan helped British Escaped to Alot Treaty of Mandsaur o Signed on On 6 January 1818 o Most part of the Holkar surrendered to British and Merged into Central India Agency Now Indore became Pricely State

  5. Scindhia of Gwalior o Established by Ranoji Scindhia, as a part of Maratha Confederacy Mahadji Scindhia (1761-1794) o Ascended the throne after Third Battle of Panipat o In 1771 Restored Mughal in Delhi Under Suzerainty of Maratha Mediate between Peshwa and British after First Anglo- Maratha War and Signed Treaty of Salabai Daualat Rao Scindhia (1794-1827) o 1802-Treaty of Bassein o In1811 conquered Chanderi