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D20/P4 Invasion of Nadir Shah: Part 2 (in Hindi)
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नादिर शाह का भारत पर आक्रमण

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  2. Invasion ofNader Shah/ af 3TAHUT In 18th C 3 Big empire exist . Mughal in India/ gTZT . Safavid in Persia / TH . Usmani Empire in Turkey/ 3Hat o This is the time when Industrialization in Europe going to start o In 1736 Nader shah declare himself Emperor of Persia after decline of Safavid Nader Shah warned Mughal Governor of Qabul and Lahore not to gave asylum to his enemy specially Afghani

  3. o Nader attacked on Qabul and then Lahore o Governor of Lahore gave 20 lakh rupee and 100 Elephant to Nader Shah He moved towards Delhi when Amir warned Mohammad Shah about Invasion of Nader, he told TaI3T Mughal decided to Fought in Karnal o Sadat khan of Awadh and Nizam ul mulk of Daccan appointed commander to led war

  4. Nader reached through GT Karnal road to Karnal o War fought on 24 February 1739 o Only Nizam mulk reached Karnal with full army o Sadat khan unable to reached on Time o His half army on the way o Nader Shah attacked on Munge (Baggage Train) of Sadat Khan o When war started, Elephant of Sadat khan getting uncontrolled and entered into camp of Nader Shah

  5. o Sadat Khan arrested o) In 3 hours war ended o Nizam-ul-Mulk appointed Mir Bakshi o He came up for negotiation and agreed to gave 50 lakh to nader shah o Sadat khan revolted against Mughal 0 RTHE 9 Came to camp for further negotiation o He was arrested by Nader Shah o Released by many condition- 50 crore, 1000 Elephant

  6. When Mughal unable to fulfill condition Nader shah entered into Delhi o Now he was Emperor of India Key of treasure of 200 Years surrendered to him o In delhi Inflation was on peak o Some Soldiers of Nader shah were beaten by Local people of Delhi o Nader out of the Red fort to watch the condition in the city

  7. o Some one attacked on Nader shah He ordered to Plundered Delhi o 1lakh people brutally killed by Nader's army Now Mughal came out for negotiation o Now Nader demanded "100 Crore Rupee" o To fulfill Condition Mughal forces looted Delhi

  8. o After two month Nader back to Delhi According to Historian Sixty lakh rupee, Thousand of Gold Coin. 1 crore worth of Golden (HT ),50 crore worth of Takht-e- Taus(Re-U- on which Kohinoor was mounted" Mounted Treasure on 700 Elephant, 4000 camels and 12000 horses to Iran Now Iran was tax free for next three year ware