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स्वतंत्र राज्य बंगाल का उदय

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  2. Bengal Old Mughal Province/gra Hyderabad Awadh Emergence of New State (FT TST 3G2) Watan Jagir GGT Rajputana Maratha Independent Sikh Jat

  3. OLD MUGHAL PROVINCE Carved out of old Mughal province in 18th C Did not break ties with Mughal o Like Awadh, Bengal and Hyderabad o Founded by members of Mughal Nobility

  4. BENGAL (1717-1772) ( TET) Murshid Quli Khan (1717-1727) o Appointed Diwan of Bengal in 1700 by Aurangjeb o In 1713 appointed Naib Subedar o Gained Diwani right of Orissa in 1719 o To reduces Mughal influence transfer all Mughal Jagirdar to Orissa o Ordered Reassessment of Land Revenue Transferred large part of Jagir land into Khalisa Land o Transferred capital from Dacca to Murshidabad

  5. Shuja-Ud-Din (1727-39) o Son-in-law of Murshid Quli Khan o Granted diwani of Bihar in 1733 by Mohammad Shah Rangeela Sarfaraz Khan (1739-40) o Son of Shuja-ud-din o Killed by Alivardi khan, Dy governor of Bihar in 1740

  6. Alivardi Khan (1740-56) o He leagalise his usurpation by receiving a Farman from Mohammad shah after paying 2 crore o Signed peace treaty with Maratha and Ready to Share part of Revenue as a Chauth o Prevent english and French from fortifying City

  7. Siraj-Ud-Daula(1756-1757) o Ordered British and French to stop Fortification o Seized English factory at Kasimbazar and Kolkata o On 20th June 1756 Fort William surrendered Soon recovered by Robert Clive Treaty of Ali nagar was signed, where Siraj conceded all Demand of English o Fought Battle on Plassey with British on 23 June 1757and defeated

  8. Mir Zafar (1757-60) o British imposed betrayed Mir bakshi of Siraj on throne o Granted Free trade Permit in Area of Bengal,Bihar and Orissa o Got Zamindari of 24 Pargana Fell to satisfied demand of British and abducted by British in favor of Mir Qasim

  9. Mir Qasim (1760-63) o Granted Diwani of Burdwan,Midnapore and Chittagaon to British o Shifted Capital from Murshidabad to Munger (1762) o Angry with brirish due to Misuse of Dastak o Defeated by British and Fled to Awadh o Make allies with Shah Alam ll(Mughal) and Shuja-ud- Daula of Awadh and fought Battle of Buxar with British but defeated by Hector Munro o Mir Zafar (1763-65) was again imposed on throne

  10. Nazin-ud-Daula (1763-65) o Son of Mir Zafar o Dual Government was established in Bengal, lasted till 1772,abolished by Warren Hasting