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D20/P1 Later Mughal: Part 1 (in Hindi)
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शाह आलम प्रथम, जहांदार शाह

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Pavan Choudhary
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Thank you..Very helpful course
abdula kha &husan ali
sayyid brothers - Sayyid Abdullah and Hussain Ali Khan
saiyyad brothers / king makers = saiyyad Hussain Khan , saiyyad Hasan Ali Khan, helped Bahadur shah 1, nd farrukhsiyar.
sayyid brothers, sayd Hussein Khan and Hassan Ali Khan
sayyid brothers -sayyid abdullah and hussain ali khan
  1. MPPSC MAINS PAPER 1 PART A TOPIC 1.4 Impact of British Rule on Indian Economy and Society, Indian Response to British rule: Peasant and Tribal Revolts, The first struggle of Independence Topic 1.5 Indian Renaissance: The freedom, National Movement and its Leader (with special reference to M.P.)


  3. LATER MUGHAL (1707-1857) o After death of Aurangjeb in 1707, a war of Succession started among his sons ZTE Muazzam Azam Kambaksha Governor of Kabul Governor of Gujrat Governor of Bijapur o Muazzam defeated Azam and Kambaksh and ascended the throne as a Bahdur Shah I/Shah Alam I with help of Sayyid Brothers

  4. BAHADUR SHAHI (1707-12) He was not interested in affairs of his own empire o He was perused pacified policy and was therefore also called Shah-i-Bekhabar by a Mughal historian-khafi khan o Also adopted title shah Alam-l o He made peace with Sikhs and gave high mansab to Guru Gobind Singh

  5. o He granted sardeshmukhi to Marathas and also released shahu son of Shambha ji o Jaziya was withdrawn

  6. o Ascend the throne with the help of Zulfiquar khan (an Iranian noble) o 1st Puppet ruler in mughal india. o Introduced Revenue farming or ljarahdari His wife Lal Kunwar dominate court like Nurjahan o He was defeated in battle of Agra by his son Farukshiyar with help of Sayyid Brother