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Chapter 7 - Waterways & Airways
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Waterways Airways Communication Tourism

Raveena Bishnoi
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  1. Class 10 Geography NCERT Ravina Bishnoi Proud to be an Indian

  2. Chapter 7 Lifelines of National Economy

  3. Waterways & Airways

  4. Railways Principle mode of transport for freight & passengers in India e Important for Business, sight seeing, pilgrimage Integrating force for 150 years Accerlerate development of industry & agriculture . 7031 stations, 7817 locomotive, 63,221 km Largest public sector understanding ,16 zones Distribution infuenced by physiography, economic & administrative factors Problems passenger travel without tickets, thefts & damaging railway property, unnecessary chain pulling

  5. Waterways e Cheapest modes of transport Most suitable for carrying heavy & bulky goofs Inland navigation waterways 14,500 km, 3700 km navigable boats 6 National Waterways 95 % of country trade

  6. National NW-1 NW-2 BRA HMAPUTRA Waterways CANGA HALDIA TOALLAHABAD DHUBRI TO SADEEA 1,620 K891Km STATES SERVED UP Bahar, Jharkhand and West Bengal TOTALLENGTH STATESSERVED 4,503 KM Pradesh. Meghalaya TOTAL STATES SERVED Dethi 15 NEPAL Can pr Rirer Pandu Narmada Er Mchanad River aSundarbans NW-6 Dhamra BARAK LAKHIPUR TO BHANCA IN PROCESS Arabian Sea 121 Km STATES SERVED Assam, Mizoram Manipur. Tripura Eluru Canal Mandovi, Zuari River& Cumberjua Canal NW-4 GODAVARI,KRISHNA BRAHMANI,DELTA & CANALS Canal NW-5 CANALS.ECC COENKHAU TO TALCHER UWyozAmantal NW-3 WEST COAST KOLLAMTO KOTTAPURANM Puduchy KAKINADA TO STCANALKOtpuam am PUDUCHERY 1,078 KmTTE32 588 Km Can1,078 Km STATES SERVED: Odisha 205 Km STATE SERVED Kerala STATES SERVED AP Tami West Bengal Nadu, UT of Puducherry

  7. Major Sea Ports 7516 km coastline ,12 major, 181 medium and minor ports e Kandla was first poert after independence ,tidal port Mumbai biggest port Marmagao port iron ore exporting port e Kochi extreme south port, natural harbour Chennai oldest artificial port e Vishakhapatnam port deepest landlocked Kolkata inland riverine port

  8. Airways e Fastest, most comfortable & prestigious mode Cover difficult terrain mountains, dreary deserts, dense forests & ocean stretch . Nationalised in 1953 Not within reach of common people Norteast & Himalayan states are now accesible

  9. Communication e Television, radio, press, films , books Postal network largest in world Largest telecom network in Asia Provide entertainment & create awareness Largest producer of feature films

  10. International Trade . Trade between the two countries through air, sea & land routes Economic barometer of country e Balance of trade is difference between export & import India emerged as software giant & earning good forex in IT

  11. Thanks for watching See u later in class XI ncert geography