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Chapter 1- Resources and Development (in Punjabi)
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Introduction of resources Classification Types of resources

Raveena Bishnoi
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In the 8th video "History of South India" , in slide 2 you told that Kanchi kailashnath temple was built by N.S 2. but this temple was built by King Rajasimha.
Shubham Gupta
2 years ago
both are same
Roy Sujit
9 months ago
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  1. Class 10 Geography NCERT Ravina Bishnoi Proud to be an Indian

  2. Chapter 1 RESOURCES AND DEVELOPMENT There is enough for everyone's need and not for any body's greed MAHATAMA GANDHT

  3. Introduction Resource- Everything available in our environment which can be used to satify our needs provided, it is technological acessible, economically feasible & culturally acceptable e Transformation of things have an interdependent relationship between nature, technology & institutions e Human beings essential component of resources

  4. Classification of Resources RESOURCES NATURAL HUMAN Non- Renewable Structures 8 Institutions Quantity & Quality Renewable ontinuous or Flow (e.g Wind, water, Recyclable (e.g. Metals) Recyclable (e.g. Fossil Fuels) Biological etc Natural Vegetation (Forest) Wildlife

  5. Types of resources 1. Basis of origin Biotic & Abiotic 2. Basis of exhaustibility - Renewable & Non renewable 3. Basis of ownership Individual ,Community owned, national & Individual Community owned, national & International 4. Basis of status of development - Potential, Developed, Stock & Reserves

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