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Chapter 5 - Non-ferrous Minerals
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Non ferrous mineral Non-metallic minerals Conservation of minerals

Raveena Bishnoi
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  1. Class 10 Geography NCERT Ravina Bishnoi Proud to be an Indian

  2. Chapter 5 Mineral & Energy Resources

  3. on metalli metallic

  4. Non-ferrous Minerals Copper . Defecient in reserve . Malleable, ductile, good conductor eUsed in electric cables, electronic & chemical industry Found in -(balaghat) M. P, (khetri) Rajasthan, (singhbhum)jharkhand

  5. PAKISTAN PUNJAB UTTARAKHA YANA NEPA unjhunun Ajmer Alwar UTTAR RAJASTHAN Ajmer. Jaipur. SIKKIM PRADESH Bhilwara BIHAR Sirohio chittaurgarh Palamu o Palaniu Hazarib g JHARKHAN WEST SinghbhumBENGAL Dungarpur GUJARAT MADHYA PRADESH BetuleBalaghat Daman & Diu MAHARASHTRA

  6. Bauxite e Aluminium ore Formed by decomposition of aluminium silicate rich rocks e Provide strength to the metals e Aluminium is light, good conductor, malleable Found in amarkantak plateau, maikal hills Odisha is largest producer 34.97%,kora put district

  7. Non-metallic Minerals Mica Made up of series of plates or leaves e Splits easily into sheets Clear black, green, red yellow in colour Di-electric strength, low power loss, insulator, resistance to high voltage Most indispensable mineral used in electronics industry Found in chota nagpur plateau, koderma gaya-hazaribagh belt of jharkhand Rajasthan(ajmer),Andhra pradesh(Nellore)

  8. NEPAL-a Beawar -Gaya Balaghat NagpurA BilaspurKendujhar Bhandara Arabian Sea Goa Neliore A MANGANES Shimoga BAUXITE MICA

  9. Rock Minerals . Limestone e In association with rocks of calcium carbonate . Found in sedimentary rocks Basic raw materials of cement industry & smelting iron ore

  10. Conservation of Minerals . 1% of earth crust Replenishment small than consumption . Finite & non-renewable Need to use in planned sustainable manner Recycling of metals, use of scrap metals steps to conseve

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