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Chapter 5 - Energy Resources
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Energy resources Coal Petrol Non conventional resources

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  1. Class 10 Geography NCERT Ravina Bishnoi Proud to be an Indian

  2. Chapter 5 Mineral & Energy Resources

  3. Nuclear Solar Coal Oil Ener wind Natvra sas water Biomass

  4. Conventional Sources of Energy . Coal Most available fossil fuel . Used for power generation & energy needs Variety of forms 1. Peat coal low carbon & high moisture, decaying plants in swamps 2. Lignite low grade brown coal, soft, high moisture content, Neyveli, T. N 3. Bituminous - burried deep & increase temp, most popular ,metallurgical use 4. Anthracite highest quality, hard coal Two ages gondwana, metallurgical, (west Bengal, jharkhand) & tertiary coal found in northeast

  5. COAL MIINES Ideintification oly 2 3 'a 1 4 1.sinngramli 2. Bokaro 3.JInaria 7 5.Kor-ba 6.Talclher 7. Singareni S.Neyveli

  6. Petroleum Major source of energy ,fuel for heat & lightening, lubricant for machinery, raw material for petroleum products Nodal industry for textile, fertilizer, chemical industry Found in fault traps of porous & non-porous rocks Digboi, naharkatiya & moran-hugrijan are important oil fields in e Found in anticlines & fault trap of tertiary age rocks . Found in Mumbai high, ankeleshwar(gujrat),Assam Assam

  7. OIL FIIELDS Identific ti011 C)Illy ) 13 3 2.Nalharkatiya 3.Kalol 4AIkalesliwar 5 Bassein

  8. Natural Gas e Clean energy resources & raw . Low carbon dioxide emissions Fuel for present century . Reserves in Krishna -godawari basin, Mumbai high, Gulf of cambay, material for petrochemical industry Andeman & Nicobar HVJ gas pipeline link Mumbai high & bassein with fertilizer, power & industrial complex in west & north india CNG use replace liquid fuel

  9. Electricity Generated by two ways - hydro electrio& thermal power Hydroelectricity produce by flowing water in multi purpose projects like bhakra nangal, damodar valley Thermal electricity by use of non renewable fossil fuels like coal, petrol


  11. Solar energy Tropical country, enormous solar power Photovoltaic convert sunlight to electricity Wind power Tamil nadu, gujrat kerala, Maharashtra, lakshadweep . Nagarkoil & jaisalmer effectively use wind energy . Biogas Shrubs, farm wadte, animal & human waste produce biogas e Higher thermal effeciency than kerosene, charcoal, dung cake Gobas gas plants

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