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Chapter 5 - Mineral & Energy Resources
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Minerals Classification Occurence Ferrous mineral

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  1. Class 10 Geography NCERT Ravina Bishnoi Proud to be an Indian

  2. Chapter 5 Mineral & Energy Resources


  4. Minerals e Indispensable part of our life Homogeneous naturally occurring substance with definable internal structure Rocks are combination of homogeneous substances called mineral:s . 2000 minerals identified Different colour, hardness, lustre & density

  5. Classification of Minerals MINERALS METALLIC NON-METALLIC ENERGY MINERALS Ferrous (Contains Iron) E.g. Iron, Nickel, etc. Non-Ferrous (does not contain Iron) e.g. Copper, Lead, Tin, etc e-g.Limestone, Sandstone, Marble, etc. e-g. Coal, Petroleum, Natural Gas

  6. Mode of Occurrence of Minerals . Found in Ores . In igneous & metamorphic rocks occur in cracks, faults & joints & these occurrence is called veins & lodes.mineral cool and solidify as they riseEg. Tin, copper, zinc In sedimentary rocks, occur in beds or layers, result of deposition in horizontal strata. Eg. Coal & iron ore . Decomposition of surface rock, leaving residual mass containing ore. Eg. Bauxite As alluvial deposit in sand of valley floors & base of hills. Eg. Gold, silver, tin Ocean waters Eg. Common salt, magnesium & bromine

  7. Ferrous Minerals .3/4 th of total metallic minerals e Iron Ore - Backbone of industrial development e Abundance of rich quality iron ore ( Magnetite) . Iron belts 1. Odisha - Jharkhand Belt 2. Durg-Bastar - Chandrapur Belt 3. Bellary - Chitradurg - Chikmanglur Tumkur Belt 4. Maharashtra - Goa Belt Manganese used in manufacturing of steel,Orrisa is largest proaucer

  8. INDIA DISTRIBUTIONOF RON-ORE MYANMAR undargan Mayu BAY ARABLAN SEA Baila Paradep BENGAL Vishakhapatnam 3 Ratnagiri Goa 4.40 SHi 1. Bihar Orissa Bet Mangalore 2. Chhattisgarh 3. Kamatazka Bott 5. Goa -Ratnegiri Bak Mahara h tra Belt Kvdrernukh .Chik IN DIAN OCE AN

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