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Chapter 7 - Lifelines of National Economy
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Modes of transport Roadways Railways

Raveena Bishnoi
Civil Services Aspirant Trust in assured success with continues effort... never give up... Hit the 🎯 with more enthusiasm..👍🤘👊✌

Unacademy user
A shopkeeper marks price 25% more than the cost price of that article and gives a discount of 10% on marked price. If marked price of a article is 2500 Rs, how much prot will the shopkeeper gain after selling that article.... plz sir iss ko solution
a year ago
cp =2000 not 2500 then gain 12.5%equals to 250
a year ago
MP=2500 in question shopkeeper marks 25% more than the cp so CP=2500[100/125]=2000 SP=2500-250=2250 PROFIT=2250-2000=250
Mahala Sunil
a year ago
thanks teja bhai
Mukesh kumar
a year ago
12.5% of 2500
Mukesh kumar
a year ago
  1. Class 10 Geography NCERT Ravina Bishnoi Proud to be an Indian

  2. Chapter 7 Lifelines of National Economy

  3. Introduction Movement of goods and services needs for transport e Traders engage in facilitation of goods movements e Pace of development of country depends upon production of goods and services and also their movement over space World converted inti large village with effecent means of transport Transport, communication & trade are complementary to each other e Trades added vitality of economy & facilitates comforts of life Efficient means of transport is prerequisite for local, national & global trade.

  4. MEANS OF TRANSPORT Land Water Air National Internation al Road Pipeline Railway Seaways & Ocean route Inland

  5. Roadway:s Largest network in world, 2.3 million km Edge over railways on cost, traverse undulating topography like mountain, economic, door to door service, feeder to other modes . Six classes on capacity 1. Golden quadrilateral Super Highway 2. National Highways 3. State highways 4. District roads 5. Other roads 6. Border roads

  6. National Highway Network of India Gu

  7. Road Transport . Classified on basis of type of material used - metalled & unmetalled roads Road Density - road / sq. Km Density varies 10km in j&k & 375 in kerala, N. A 75 km Problems .Road network inadequate . Half is unmetalled . NH are inadequate e Congested in cities Bridges & Culverts are old & narrow

  8. Railways Principle mode of transport for freight & passengers in India e Important for Business, sight seeing, pilgrimage Integrating force for 150 years Accerlerate development of industry & agriculture . 7031 stations, 7817 locomotive, 63,221 km Largest public sector understanding ,16 zones Distribution infuenced by physiography, economic & administrative factors Problems passenger travel without tickets, thefts & damaging railway property, unnecessary chain pulling

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